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NOAA Warning : Sunspot AR1861 Harbors The Energy For X Class Flares

by Chris Carrington, The Daily Sheeple:

NOAA is warning that sunspot AR1861 is crackling with energy,and there is a 40% chance of a large M-class flare and a 15% chance of an X-class during the next 24 hours. AR1861 is in the centre of the Sun disc and any flare during this period would be Earth directed.

Sunspot AR 1865 also has the energy for X-class flares and it will move across the disc and will be Earth facing within the next few days.

An as yet un-named sunspot has thrown off M-class flares on the farside of the Sun over the last 24 hours and that spot will rotate onto the front of the Sun in the coming days. NOAA are expecting Earth directed activity to increase.

Todays sunspot number is 115.

There is a large coronal hole on the north-west of the sun and the solar wind streaming from that should arrive on October 12-13th.

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