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from The Burning Platform:

“No taper for you, one year!!!”Ben “QE Nazi” Bernanke

The Fed has trotted out another one of their 12 lapdogs to provide the latest excuse for not tapering. We are supposedly in the fourth year of economic recovery, have added millions of jobs, corporate profits are at record highs, and the stock market has set an all-time high, but somehow the Federal Reserve isn’t comfortable not buying a dime less than $85 billion of debt per month. Ben was counting on the trumped up Syrian war to be his excuse for not tapering in September. When that excuse dissipated into thin air he was left with no good reason to not taper. But he announced he wouldn’t taper anyway. Now Ben and his minions will use the government shutdown faux crisis as the reason to not taper until next year. But, conveniently, Obama and the morons in Congress have set February as the date for the next fake budget crisis. This will give Yellen an excuse to not taper until the middle of next year. The recession that has already begun, but won’t be acknowledged until next June, will be Yellen’s excuse to increase QE to $100 billion per month.

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