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New World Order

by Andy Hoffman,

As long-time readers know, I don’t believe in “conspiracy theories”; that is, until they are proven. As regards government PM price suppression, for example, I think I’ve more than proven it exists; as have countless “good, smart people” in our “shadow world.” That said, other such theories are far more opaque; so at best, we can only follow anecdotal evidence – and from them, draw “educated guesses.”

As for the phrase “new world order,” it has been bastardized to suggest everything from an East-West war to a group of bankers plotting the demise of billions. Personally, I subscribe to neither; instead, opting for an “Occam’s Razor” view that most likely, all public and private entities are simply looking out for themselves. I find it highly unlikely that a tiny group of bankers, politicians, or generals would even have the ability to influence the global dynamic; let alone, the mutual interest to do so.

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4 comments to New World Order

  • Frank Zak

    My calculations show gold is actually worth
    $5,500 right now. They show silver at $15.
    Sounds crazy right ?

    But, I believe gold will default and go to $5,500.
    People will have to buy silver. Therefore at a
    hysterical 30 to 1 ratio, silver would go to $183.

    Simply because there is nothing else you can buy,
    except platinum.

    Gold will someday drag little sister silver up by
    its bootstraps.

  • Frank Zak

    Do the math. If silver goes from $20 to $183
    you make 9 times your money.

    If gold goes from $1250 to $5500 you make 4 1/2 times
    your money.

    There is no gold. It will default as a mathematical

  • Blounttruth

    I guess Andy missed the memo…

    So much for that conspiracy, it is a reality and no one really cares, or I should say that there are not enough people educated in finance to understand what has been done to them. Ignorance is bliss.

    • Ed_B

      Yes, for many it is. They do not know about these things and they do not want to know. It is more than they can handle and destroys the soft warm security blanket in which they are so tightly wrapped. Better to just float through life like a butterfly, visiting the occasional flower… and dreaming of a better world, while doing absolutely nothing to help create one.

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