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NBC’s ‘Dracula’ Slams Christians, Touts Darwin

by A.J. Delgado, Breitbart:

NBC’s new show, Dracula, kicked off this Friday.

As someone loathe to turn down a horror film or show, I tuned in. Sure, we’ve had more than enough of vampires but… what the heck? My enjoyment, however, was short-lived.

First, let’s meet the new Dracula, played by the brooding Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (you may know him from The Tudors). It’s 1881, and Dracula is awakened in Romania. Next, he’s in London-town. Dracula’s cover story?: some sort of American pioneer (name: Alexander Grayson) who’s moved across the pond, eager to assert his business dominance. (Oh, you silly Dracula films of old — this Dracula is an entrepreneur!) His ground-breaking business idea? Wireless electricity! (Yes, hang with me here.)

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2 comments to NBC’s ‘Dracula’ Slams Christians, Touts Darwin

  • Eric

    Rated P for pathetic. That seems to be a common thread with NBCrap

    Hey! Doesn’t silver slay vampires?

  • cory

    who cares? religion is a pathetic thing for people to cling to anymore regardless. it deserves to be ridiculed and openly mocked.

    and yes i am a libertarian, you want to believe in this hogwash i guess its your right but there should be a full and distinct separation between church and state.

    lets cry because someone made fun of our religion! how about we act like adults and turn off the tv?

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