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Michael Savage on the MURDER of Unarmed Woman at Captiol, Praises Prison Planet, Argues with Caller

from MichaelSavage4Prez:

Michael Savage Is Really Upset Over The Unjustified Killing of Miriam Carey by D.C. Police and The Lack of Genuine Coverage on the story.

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13 comments to Michael Savage on the MURDER of Unarmed Woman at Captiol, Praises Prison Planet, Argues with Caller

  • jonathan

    Marines and police should not be cowards who are so afraid of every person they see that they are willing to shoot them without that person showing some serious signs of threat.

  • jonathan

    If you are so afraid of a woman driving a car fast that you have to shoot her you’re a pathetic pussy. Be a man and show some self control.

  • Rodster

    The woman broke the law and was a danger to herself, her child and potentially other innocent victims. The response was appropriate.

    • Upstart


      I assume you are being ironic, because only a piece of s–t would leave a comment like that and be serious.

      In future type (sarc) after what you have written so that people wont think you really are an ingnorant piece of s–t instead of just a fool leaving a sarcastic comment.

      • Rodster

        Gee why don’t you drive your car into a Police Station and try running over some cops? Let’s see what the response will be? Or how about driving your car thru an Army checkpoint and see what the response will be?

        Quit listening to over emotional radio host and put your thinking cap on. 😉

        • john 2

          The woman could have been having a panic attack…on some medication…or any number of things. She was SCARED, not trying to hurt people.

          People like ‘rodster’ are what is wrong with this world.

        • Jonathan

          Rodster are you fucking retarded driving your car away from the cops doesn’t make you so dangerous they need to kill you. She didn’t run the barricade as you claim like an ignorant moron she turned around and tried to get away from it. You’re a loser buddy.

    • john 2

      What a dumb comment. So every time you drive your vehicle 10 mph over the limit…aren’t you endangering people? Should the police come execute you?

  • Insert_Name_Here

    Throughout my life if a cop killed a unarmed person who was running or driving away the cop went to jail and that is what the people involved in this shooting should be doing…getting ready to go to jail…..not be heralded as a heroes.
    Complete bullshit and it does show that we live in a police state already.

  • Desert Fox

    Considering what we know about this incident I think Michael’s response was appropriate.
    Certainly there are many brave “first responders” and military men and women but to gun down a women with a baby sitting in the back and never being shot at comes across as pretty weak and completely un-American.
    If you are talking yourself into some form of justification or “good-shoot” BS you’re slipping of the rails. NSA, drones everywhere, police brutality. If it was a different country Washington would be screaming bloody murder.
    Think about where this is going and how you fit in to the equation.


    Rodster, now YOU should raise the child? This was murder!!!

  • Rhea White

    I see totalitarianism all throughout this horrendous merciless killing. All said, this woman had the right to travel on the road ways of the country, without being bothered by ANYONE, especially with a child in her care. The illegal, unlawful police force refused to respect the rights of this woman, but, instead, sought to threaten and coerce her into compliance with an unauthorized, fraudulent check point operation that is, and was, UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Then, they murdered her for wanting to go free on her way. Police are nothing more, and nothing less than, hired for profit, revenue generating domestic military. If they were in the side of right, then they would have upheld this woman’s right to travel, and not chase her then murder her, in the presence of a child. The police endangered the life of this child, by shooting guns at a car that the child was in. Since all police agencies are incorporated, they have no legal right to forcibly interact with any of us, unless given consent. We are not obligated to do anything where police are concerned. We have been lied to so long about police authority until, everything we have been told to believe, is now superficially true. Police are not who we think they are. And daily, we are being made aware of what they actually stand for. We feel the aggression, violence and hate of the police on an ongoing basis in this nation. Police should be disarmed, by law. They are getting away with murder.

  • jerry

    murder ! plain and simple

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