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Majority Of People Have No Idea US Is Headed For Disaster

from KingWorldNews:

Eric King: “John, what are your thoughts as you watch the central planners destroying the United States? You are outside of the US now, but what are your thoughts as you watch this happening?”

Embry: “As I said, I’ve always loved the United States, and I looked to them as a beacon of hope and reason when I was younger. But what I see going on in the US now is almost inexplicable to me. Central planners kept pushing the US forward to the extent where you are now in a debt situation which is absolutely impossible to fix….

“There are two possible outcomes: Either you are going to have a debt deflation, which will be so catastrophic it will make us long for the days of the Great Depression of the 1930s, or we are going to have some form of hyperinflation, which I think is actually the worst outcome.

John Embry continues @

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