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Maguire – Gold Plunge, Who’s Responsible & What’s Next?

from KingWorldNews:

The West is taking advantage of this one week period where the Chinese are on holiday to smash the price of gold. This one week Chinese holiday just started today. But this decline is setting up a huge amount of buying. The Asians are buying physical gold like crazy into this takedown.

Andrew Maguire continues @

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4 comments to Maguire – Gold Plunge, Who’s Responsible & What’s Next?

  • John

    The old reliable Andrew Maguire… They could take Silver to $5.00, but good old Andrew has my back covered… Bix weir says $5.00 is possible, so is a thousand, they could take it wherever they want.. Why can’t they keep on smashing it down? Yes, eventually we’ll have a shortage, but I’ve been hearing shortage in the $30’s as well.

    Sean, if an interview with Rob Kirby is on the Horizon, would it be possible to have him give us a closer look at the ESF, thanks?

    I’ll keep on adding though, because I’ve educated myself on money.. If they could keep this going for years more, so be it..

  • Exhausted

    Without an independant pricing mechanism there is no way to prevent the control masters from doing what they like to “price”. I beleive gold and silver are insurance. I believe gold and silver are going higher. I believe gold and silver are money. I don’t believe in Andrew Maguire. Don’t invest in gold and silver to get rich. Invest in them to survive. All this “collapse” is now stuff is proving to be nothing but crying wolf. A collapse is going to happen but the predicition fear mongoring is going to drive people away thus making the collapse worse.

    • 8Ball

      Amen to that… a lot of these metal peddlers seek no more than to take advantage of people’s confusion and indecision to make a quick buck. Make your own plan and follow it, that is what Chris Duane propounds. If you keep listening to what all of the “legendary” experts keep telling you then good luck with that.

  • steelerdude

    As Mr. Spock would say “This totally illogical….” and rightly so, how can the Chinese be massively buying gold….the price keeps dropping….

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