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Keiser Report: Silent but Violent Emissions (E515)

from Russia Today:

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss the impossibility of tapering a ponzi scheme, Alan Greenspan’s return to the hot airwaves and why QE has failed. In the second half, Max interviews Trond Andresen, a lecturer in control systems at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, about a digital crisis currency or bitcoin as a solution to a man-made disaster like Greece.

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2 comments to Keiser Report: Silent but Violent Emissions (E515)

  • solar toad

    This goes to show the “conspiracy theorists” were right once again. This time involving the future cashless societies. Already figured this was coming when I was reading about the bit-coin online culture.

    The reality is an online currency system is really the same thing as a fiat system…Only worse. The Banks have already set themselves up with lots of rules that favor themselves at expense of the masses. One fact is, the banks in the U.S. have declared that depositor’s money is THEIR money. Once you deposit the money into their bank it is technically theirs. NO LONGER are banks supplying a service and caring for YOUR money. It’s getting harder for working people to function without a bank.

    Another reality of this situation is the banks are behind getting this system going (and using the unsuspecting ‘Bit-Coin’ operator) and once they get everyone transferred over into this system, you can be assured that your money will be taxed and at times may even “disappear” for any reason they decide (that already happens to a degree).

    Two things they want: total control of the Food Supply AND total control of the money.

    We are now beginning to see the SOLUTION that these people have been planning all along coming into view. They are not done yet, though. We still haven’t gone through the FINAL CRASH they ultimately are planning….

    This is world-wide, but there’s been some nations unwilling to play and those are the nations that get attacked. The BRICS nations are another Elite Controlled and created paradigm, in which nations like Iran are getting sucked into.

    Then, you bring in the implications of OBAMACARE and you can see how they want control over even your body and mind.

    • Ed_B

      It is typical of psychopaths to want to control others when they cannot even control themselves.

      Obamunist Care will very likely implode as millions of young healthy people take a close look at it and discover what a screw-job it is for them. Forget the politicians in DC. If the American people do not want this crap, all they need do is refuse to cooperate with it. What are they going to do? Arrest over 100M people? Fine over 100M people? Not bloody likely! All that would do is create an even larger and angrier voting block than the TEA Party which is already giving the politicians in DC all they can handle. Adding more fuel to that fire is something that the wuss politicians don’t dare do.

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