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Jim Rogers: “Average Person Will be Wiped Out”

by blacktowerradio, via The Victory Report:

Jim Rogers talks about economic collapse and the US Debt on Black Tower Radio.
NOTE: Goto MIUNTE 15:00, as there is dead air in the initial part of the interview.

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3 comments to Jim Rogers: “Average Person Will be Wiped Out”

  • Tim

    Well, Jim, it’s getting so that the “average” person really has nothing left to lose. Say, Jim, since you have a net worth in the billions, how is your wealth invested?

  • ed

    Tim,you’re right about the average person has nothing left to lose but hopefully they will lose their debt.Jim Rogers is invested in commodities of all sorts.He says soon the farmers will be driving the Lamborginis.

    • glitter 1

      At one point,years back,during my awakening made a statement to myself; Wealth use to be measured by the size of a Farmer’s flock,herd,barn(stores) and someday it will again be so.Just conformation/verification that my though basis/understand was sound then and now.

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