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JFK, The Magic Bullet and a Patsy Named Oswald

[Ed. Note: Consider this a teaser. You can watch this gripping interview in its entirety HERE.]

from The Lip TV:

The “magic bullet” and Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle that supposedly killed Kennedy are discussed by author and historian James DiEugenio, along with the glaring inconsistencies of the Warren Commission report and how all evidence points to a conspiracy that murdered JFK. We also talk about how single-gunman theory historian Vincent Bugliosi was wrong in his exhaustive book about the assassination in this Media Mayhem clip.

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1 comment to JFK, The Magic Bullet and a Patsy Named Oswald

  • chris

    I watched the full interview posted yesterday on this site. Very much worth the look for anyone interested. Some fascinating info on Hollywood portrayals and how control and censorship ensures we’ll never see the truth in an American made movie.

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