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Japan’s Theater Of The Nuclear Absurd

by Richard Wilcox, Ph.D., Activist Post:

I live in a world conquered by evil.

It’s bad enough that the Fukushima nuclear power plant no. 1 (FNPP#1) is leaking upwards of 160 billion becquerels of radiation into the ocean every day, including cesium, strontium and who knows what else on a list of dangerous isotopes (2). However, Japan’s prime minister continues to contradict himself, speaking with a forked tongue out of both sides of his mouth-with-foot-inserted.

Prime Minister Shinzo (“Mr. Nuclear”) Abe’s well known exaggeration that “all is well” at Fukushima and therefore Japan can be trusted to host the Olympics in 2020, is an absurd pronouncement that has been publicly debunked by many news sources and scientists, including no less than Tepco’s (Tokyo Electric Power Company) top technology executive who believes that things at Fukushima are not under control (3). Abe’s claim that radiation leaking into the ocean is neatly contained within the nearby vicinity of the plant is not supported by scientific evidence.

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