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It Is All Coming To A Head!

by Bill Holter,

I have long wondered “what” exactly the black swan event would be that tips the global financial system from its tight rope.  I/we don’t exactly know what went on behind the scenes to prompt China to publicly call for a new reserve currency and for a new world order that “de Americanizes” the world…but something has.  Is it because China has done the math and come to the conclusion that no matter what happens with the debt ceiling that the U.S. simply cannot make good on its promises?  Have they been told that no more gold will be delivered?  Or have they purchased gold and the delivery time has been extended too far?  Have they been prompted by other countries collectively to pull the plug because they are fed up?  Have they purchased an amount of gold that they deem to be “enough?”  Do they see the U.S. “weakened” enough?

There are many more possibilities and questions but the point is this; China has now publicly spoken of stripping the U.S. of the privilege of issuing the worlds reserve currency.

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