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In the Beginning There Was Monsanto

by Barbara H. Peterson, Farm Wars:

Yes, life as we know it is ending. It is being replaced by designer genes constructed in a lab and set loose on the environment with reckless abandon. We eat them, breathe them, drink them, absorb them through our skin, and pass the genetic changes on to our children. We are the experiment.

Some think that coexistence with Monsanto’s genetically engineered pseudo life forms is the answer, but in the end, one must realize that there is no coexistence with genetically engineered organisms. They contaminate, pollute, and change our environment in ways that we cannot even imagine. If only the ones who choose to coexist would at least admit to the fact that organic does not contaminate biotech, biotech contaminates organic, and get a clue instead of casting their lot with the purveyors of death who so blithely spread the carnage. Any supposed “coexistence” turns out to be a wholesale invasion by biotech, and that isn’t coexistence at all. It is a hostile takeover.

Look at the alfalfa issue. Forage genetics sold seeds in 2010 to a farmer whose field was contaminated by GMO alfalfa before GMO alfalfa was approved in 2011, and those seeds were most likely contaminated with GMOs from 2005.

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