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How To Prepare Your Community for Disaster — OATH KEEPERS

from wearechange:

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1 comment to How To Prepare Your Community for Disaster — OATH KEEPERS

  • Meat Eater

    Community? What Community? In many places there is no such thing, and hasn’t been for some years.

    The gangs, drug dealers, addicts, and general scum bags who live in my area would, I am sure, really like to ‘get involved’ with my preps – like taking everything I have in the event of emergency situation, much less a full on SHTF event.

    In many places in the US, the UK, Mexico, and Europe, only a fool would advertise, or even allude to, having spare food and preps. The word is a dangerous place, full of people who would sell thier own mother for their next fix, put a knife in a man for his wallet, and certainly beat the sh-t out of a neighbor to take what they think they deserve/need/want.

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