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Guest Post: Peak Oil, Fact or Fraud? Climbing Mt. Hubbert

by Dale Ellis, SRS Rocco:

“A world become one, of salads and sun…”

This post is written for those who hold the view, understandably, that peak-oil may be a hoax. I sometimes forget that skepticism of corporate power distorted by bubble-vision makes the study of peak-oil seem like the quest of a knave.

But if it’s not a ruse, the ramifications are vast. And it’s my contention that most people view technology, energy, and its related solutions with an irrational, often theocratic belief. I want to skip the numbers, if possible, and simply suggest that the issue called peak-oil deserves serious reflection.

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2 comments to Guest Post: Peak Oil, Fact or Fraud? Climbing Mt. Hubbert

  • andrew james

    Our economy will revert to being more labor intensive when oil becomes expensive. I’ll be glad to see it. Damn morons aid and abet the companies that are polluting the land sea and sky by filling up their tank with that poison. Hemp fuels now.

  • jonathan

    Peak Oil is the biggest bullshit ever. There are so many sustainable ways of producing power which will replace oil the second it jumps in price. Ever heard of electric engines and hydrogen fuel cells.

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