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Goldman: “Weaker Than Expected” Jobs Report Means No Taper Before March

from Zero Hedge:

Yesterday Goldman explained why glorious and abysmal job numbers would both be sufficient to propel the Stalingrad and Poor to new ATH. So far, they were right. And while the number was not exactly abysmal (ironically, the market is now hung up on weaker than expected data just to make sure Uncle Ben and Uncle Janet stay around as long as possible), it was, as Goldman’s Jan Hatzius just announced, “somewhat weaker than expected, as the disappointment on September payroll growth was only partly offset by back-month revisions, while average hourly earnings grew more slowly than expected.” He said a bunch of other things too, but the most notable was that “this report makes it more likely that the Fed pushes the first reduction in the pace of its asset purchases into 2014… we think that March is the most likely date under our economic forecast.” And since it is now obvious that the Fed is completely oblivious to what ongoing QE does to high quality collateral (which it is now soaking up at a pace of 0.4% in 10Yr equivs per week), full steam ahead it is. We expect Dudley to get his Hatzius marching orders shortly.

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