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Gold: Rattle Snake Investing With Marin Katusa of Casey Research

from VictoryIndependence:

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11 comments to Gold: Rattle Snake Investing With Marin Katusa of Casey Research

  • Frank Zak

    90% of all the world gold mined was from 1848.
    1 in 7 old time miners would die in the process.

    Is Silver Running Out ?

  • Frank Zak

    The price of silver by year:
    1864, $2.94…..1870, $1.43….1880, $1.12..
    …1890, $1.06….1900, 0.65 (65 cents)….
    1910, $0.55…..1914, $0.50 (50 cents).

    If you bought silver in 1864, by 1914 you lost
    83% of your money.

    Have a nice day.

    • Eric

      Of course in 49 out of those 50 years, there was no central bank expanding it’s balance sheet by over $1 trillion dollars per year in an environment with rising interest rates in a nation swamped in debt.

      Your point is irrelevant frank.

      • Frank Zak

        Did you find this irrelevant ?

        You moles are funny.

        • Eric

          Somebody has to dig through your heaping pile of manure. 😉

          Yes I did as a matter of fact. The issue isn’t with the supply of silver (yet). The issue is with the currency and exploding debt. Where will everyone run to when they figure that out? Historically it has always been gold and silver.

          How much silver would still be available if all of a sudden the light bulb went on and everyone realized there was a problem with their paycheck? Or if oil keeps climbing?

          I don’t see what silver has to do with this interview. Do you have a personal vendetta against it? Are you a vampire? Does the sunlight burn? Did you buy all in at $48 and sell at $20 based on what the waiter at olive garden told you?

          • Frank Zak

            Hi Eric,
            In fact when silver was still in the $40’s
            I predicted on this very club it would go to $20.

            I don’t have a vendetta against silver, in fact I said on this
            club I bought 200 silver eagles last week and mentioned my projections
            show $183 silver when physical gold defaults.

            I am an accountant. I simply don’t like bad numbers that are being given for silver. The people who have given these bad numbers should correct
            themselves. My numbers are well documented and I have provided the sources.

            Every metal has good and bad aspects. Both have to be presented for
            an informed decision.

  • Frank Zak

    Pan American Silver (PAAS) high costs 2013

    Example of a very high cost miner

  • glitter 1

    Just like the Gov has revised/omitted stats on the money supply,true inflation,etc,they have also revised how the USGS calcs their data also,TB has also pointed this out.Here are some comments under this video from what appears to be from “Moles”and what they think,doesn’t look good for his/your argument.Frank, where did the 5 billion ozs go over the last fifty years in parallel to all the mine production?I’m still waiting.

    Philosopher Rex 8 months ago

    This whole video is attempting to mislead fools, by getting people to belive that the concern is about silver in the ground and not silver in circulation. In every chart I saw he ignores coin production and all non-industrial demand over the past decade. It was industrial demand that decreased supply in circulation over the past century, but in this decade non-industrial use has become a huge factor. IMO, the maker of this video is working for the shorters.

    rathkiller 6 months ago

    Its about easy to mine silver not the total amount, as it gets harder to mine the silver the higher the price goes

    mcmastersinton 6 months ago

    this video sucks balls. silver and gold are real money

    bluehorse888 7 months ago

    #2 You use the fact that silver is always silver, and never loses its atomic structure. This is true. But…do you know how expensive it is to recover from landfills? Over 800 dollars an ounce! So how can they spend $800 an ounce to recover silver that’s worth $30 an ounce? 😛

    bluehorse888 7 months ago

    This vid missed a couple of important angles. I think a further economic slowdown is approaching which will cause industrial demand for all metals to decrease. During this same period however, investment demand will sky rocket. Because silver is mined predominantly as a byproduct of industrial metals, many non pure-play miners will go bust, or slow down production. This will inevitably lead to much higher silver prices to make mining profitable again. And this only pertains to non-hedged miners!

    • Frank Zak

      Hi glitter,
      How many pen names do you use here ? In about 2002, silver actually
      came almost to par for supply demand. Than the photography industry
      went digital and a great portion of silver’s demand was lost.

      Now silver is sharply overproduced and the Comex inventory is
      rising. The Silver Institute shows 201 million oz overproduction
      after all coinage demands. Supplies are growing also.

      Silver has one thing working for it. It is seen by the public
      as a proxy for gold. When gold gets too high, silver is the
      alternative. When physical gold defaults, silver has a good probabilty
      of going with it.

      • glitter 1

        I’ve only used “glitter 1” since coming to this site daily for the last 2 1/2yrs.If the US had 5 Billion ozs in it’s strategic stockpile following the collection/confiscation of all of the circulating silver from the mid 60’s on,where has it all gone in the last 50yrs along with all of the mine production! It wasn’t all used in photography either.So,it is estimated there is about 750 million to one Billion ozs left above ground currently.The US Mint now has to go into the open market and purchase silver for it’s operations.If as you claim that silver is over produced then why is the stockpile depleted(since 2007),why isn’t it in an increasing/growing surplus!I don’t think the COMEX Inventory has anything to do with an accurate picture of the Silver Supply.The CME has already stated that their reports don’t necessarily reflect reality.The reality is that the cheap silver(people’s silver) has been and continues to be given away at fire sale prices by the insider’s/PTB/Silver Stealer’s/Users’s Association and when it’s all gone/used up the true value will be realised when it comes down to what’s actually coming out of the ground.Silver is going to be like Palladium at @ $23oz in 1973,it’s going to fly,there’s more applications than Palladium and they continue to grow almost daily.

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