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Glow in the Dark Road Surface Reduces Need for Street Lamps

by James Burgess, Oil Price:

At the beginning of the year the Netherlands proposed to use photo-luminescent paint to mark out lanes and traffic markers on roads, in an effort to revolutionise the country’s infrastructure and make roads safer.

The video explains the futuristic roads that the Netherlands proposes to develop.

A company in the UK has taken this idea of using photo-luminescent paint on roads to the next step. Pro-Teq plans to spray an entire road in a coating that absorbs sunlight during the day then glows at night, lighting up the entire road and reducing the need to have street lamps, saving money and energy.

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5 comments to Glow in the Dark Road Surface Reduces Need for Street Lamps

  • Isaac

    No more magic mushrooms for me!

  • chris

    Meanwhile, back at the Hacienda, the often labelled greatest country on earth can’t use ten year old technology and build a website. Next week, I predict Obama will faint in the rose garden. He’s tried everything else….

  • Ed_B

    Maybe this magic coating is powered by Fukushima waste, similar to the old radium watch dials? 😉

    If they REALLY wanted to get it on with high tech renewable energy, they would use a thermocouple system with one end buried in the cool Earth and the other end just below the hot asphalt surface. The temp differential would create a flow of electricity in the thermocouples that could be collected and distributed via the power grid. Someday.

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