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GLD falls again to 896.38 tonnes/comex dealer gold remains constant/another gold/silver raid

by Harvey Organ,

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Gold closed down $10.30 cents to $1296.60 (comex closing time ). Silver was unchanged at $21.85.

In the access market today at 5:15 pm tonight here are the final prices:

gold: $1287.60
silver: $21.66

looks like they are going to raid again tomorrow.

Today, GOFO numbers are in the positive for all months

Here are today’s readings with Thursday’s comparison: GOFO rates are mixed with respect to slight changes.

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4 comments to GLD falls again to 896.38 tonnes/comex dealer gold remains constant/another gold/silver raid

  • steelerdude

    Its not a raid, its just the way it is and we (gold and silver buyers) got rope-a-doped into this…can I last 12 rounds? I dont know….I need an immediate false flag and the metals to jump…someone make me believe!

  • steelerdude

    Ummmmm….where the hell is all this gold coming from????? We were tricked in believing that there was only (correct me if Im wrong) a 68 feet on each side…wtf???

    where are all these tons china and india keep coming from????

    are we so stupid that they are not reporting this amount correctly to us??

    Im feeling really stupid right now….

  • Michael

    Gold falls to 896.38 tons. At the current rate the Crimex only has another 13 months before it is gone. 13 Friggin months. What part of a long time don’t our Goldbugs understand. These creatures still have a long way to go. Unfortunately for all of us, they will still get a war going before the flush lever is engaged.

  • po rich

    If the Karen Hudes interview slip about 170,000 tons of gold (Marco’s or Yamashita)
    being in Hawaii is correct, the valuation would be around 25 cents an ounce.
    I don’t have too much cash, but I’ll give 50 cents an ounce right now, no silly questions asked, up to as much as I can afford. I’ll open up a “rings and things” store and make my profit on my home made gold jewelry (gold costs less to melt than silver) markup. End of problems?

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