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Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “Obamacare: 1-800-FU” – (10/9/13)

from trendsjournal:

“President Barack Obama’s press conference concerning the shutdown, Obamacare’s official phone number is: “1800-FUCK YO”… think we’re joking? Janet L. Yellen nominated as new FED chairman… or woman rather & the government shutdown denies families of 4 dead soldiers burial benefits. You voted for hope and change, now there’s no hope and plenty of terrible changes. Welcome to the new Amerika!”

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1 comment to Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “Obamacare: 1-800-FU” – (10/9/13)

  • 8Ball

    Have you noticed how they keep flashing these images of an arrogant Oscama at you? Obscama wearing a lab coat with stethoscope… ad infinitum.

    That is to direct your anger and frustration at a figurehead who is in charge of nothing… he is a puppet stooge. A lightning rod… to redirect people’s outrage to an empty suit who plays golf while America burns.

    “stunted 12YO” Gerald calls it there. America is toast because the people have abdicated their responsibilities and let maggots like Obama, Hillary and the rest of the degenerates who populate congress “represent” them.

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