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Fukushima: Worst Case Scenario Reached According To Japanese Professors – A ‘World-Ends-Scenario’

from Before Its News:

According to Professors in Japan, the ‘worst case scenario’ for Fukushima has been reached, the nuclear rods have melted and went through the reactor floors. This story released today from ENENews is disheartening and shares that this situation will continue to be THE major story for world health for humans, fish, bird and animal life across the entire world for decades if not longer.

According to the newly released video below, the worst case scenario for Fukushima is also a ‘world-ends-scenario’, an “extinction level event if this mess is not cleaned up, fast.”

Japan Professors: Worst case scenario at Fukushima, nuclear rods melted and went through reactor floors; Contamination is impacting rest of world; Likely that entire Pacific will be affected — Farmer: Gov’t doesn’t have any idea about status of fuel.

Kyoto University’s Okada Norio, Yoshio Kajitani, Hirokazu Tatano & Beijing University’s Tao Ye, Peijun Shi: [T]he nuclear accident gradually became a level 7 nuclear event, which is a major accident and the highest level on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES), equivalent to the Chernobyl disaster in April 1986.

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4 comments to Fukushima: Worst Case Scenario Reached According To Japanese Professors – A ‘World-Ends-Scenario’

  • Gerald

    More sensationalism to propogate bible prophecy.If what you speak of was fact, this would be headline news everywhere. That book you held up is irrelevant to what happens in the future. I know you believe it to be true,but it is in fact nothing more than ancient tales that are grown peoples santa claus. If it were a true book, then we should all be very,very scared, because that god is totally cruel and sadistic.

  • gerald is a liar and cannot be trusted. Anyone who denies the reality of the God of heaven, Maker of the earth and universe, is a blind slave of the devil, who hates God and His followers, those who have been washed by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Well has God said,”Therefore God gave them over to reprobate minds, because they hated the truth and loved evil.” Romans chapter one. Turn to Jesus and be saved from the wrath to come; His salvation is free for all who will repents of their sins and trust in His Name alone.

  • Newt

    George, Show us your god, today. Let me witness his mastery of the universe and beyond.
    No? I didn’t think so.

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