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Freedom: A Moving Target (Reflections From A Dozen Years In Mexico)

by Jim Karger, Dollar Vigilante:

I love living in Mexico. The “live and let live” culture here works for me. When I arrived a dozen years ago, I felt free. I felt the joy of being left alone, of not fearing making an inadvertent mistake that might cost my money or my freedom. Except for physical violence, there wasn’t much that was really prohibited here.

Most of Mexico’s laws at that time fell under the headings of “Suggested” or “Optional.” Government in Mexico seemingly could get nothing done, and for the most part didn’t try. Government here reminded me of the Keystone Cops, totally incompetent but who knew they needed to look busy and so stamped papers with their “official” imprimaturs, usually many times. The only exception was CFE, the government-owned electric company. If you failed to pay your electric bill, they would show up and physically disconnect the power line to your home until you paid up. Then, at some point, they would come and reconnect you.

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1 comment to Freedom: A Moving Target (Reflections From A Dozen Years In Mexico)

  • Rudenewt

    Trouble in paradise couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. I wonder which country will be blessed with his cowardly presence next?

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