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Former US Treasury Official – America’s Ultimate Collapse

from KingWorldNews:

Dr. Roberts: “We are rolling toward a collapse of the dollar, and with it will collapse American power. The reason a country is a superpower is because it can pay its bills in its own currency. That’s what it means to be the world’s reserve currency….

“When you lose that ability but you have massive bills, how do you pay them? You can’t. That’s the dilemma. I think it’s just so dishonest that the (mainstream) media hides the real problems from people, and that the government policymakers either hide them or haven’t the wits to understand them.

And I think it’s dishonest when the Federal Reserve, instead of stating the real problem, pretends that it’s working on a solution. The banks should have been allowed to fail. It would not have been very costly. The FDIC would have saved the deposits.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Audio Interview @

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3 comments to Former US Treasury Official – America’s Ultimate Collapse

  • Phil Downunder

    As a proud Aussie, it made we wince when Dr.Roberts calls Australia “a lackey, puppet state of the U.S.A.” (at around the 10.30min mark)
    Worst part about his comment is that it is absolutely true, which makes it harder to stomach.
    Get your act together America, remove these usurpers currently running your government,(get behind Larry Klayman) and I’d be proud to remain a lackey, puppet state of the U.S.

    • Ed_B

      @Phil… regardless of what any US politicians and former politicians say about the subject, most Americans think very highly of our cousins in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This is not to say that we also think highly of those governments, or our own for that matter.

      My father fought in the South Pacific in WW-II. He was in the Pacific Theater for 3 years and was able to visit Australia twice, which he liked very much. He said that the people were amazingly warm, friendly, and hospitable and that they liked Americans a lot. Our men thought that the Aussies were just wonderful. Had it not been for his parents in the US, he likely would have emigrated to Australia in the early 1950s. I have often wondered what my life would have been like had he done that. Ah, the road not taken.

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    Hi from your colonial brothers in Canada. I found Dr. Roberts statement quite shocking since I also feel Canada has been a US lapdog with the exception of the Trudeau years. I did find out something interesting recently while dialoging with someone on a blog about firearms ownership in Canada. We disputed each others statistics prompting us to dig deeper as to the discrepancy between official UN stats and those of Canadian gun advocacy group stats that were based on known information before the introduction of Canada’s draconian Firearms Act. We came to an agreement that the UN stats were definitely wrong. Evidently with its introduction and mandatory registry 3 million Canadians dutifully registered and at the same time 4 million suddenly dropped off the radar with the attitude F@#K the government.

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