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Flashback: Your 72 HOUR RED FLAG ALERT Before Martial Law

from SGT Report:

Just over a year ago I had a conversation with writer & researcher Susanne Posel about government plans for martial law in the United States.

Given recent banking declarations by Chase which limit wire transfers for small businesses – one wonders if we aren’t on a slippery slope toward increasingly draconian banking mandates and capital controls, or worse, outright Cyprus-style wealth confiscation.

Revisiting this conversation with Posel in which she shared her insights about the preparatory measures the DHS and military have been taking, and why, seems worthwhile. In this interview, Posel also provided startling information she claimed she had received from a Deutsche Bank whistle blower.

They know the collapse is coming,” she said. “So they are preparing for it.” Susanne also shared information about a computer banking virus that may be used as the excuse to shut down banks internationally. “If you hear about this in the news, you have 72 hours to do whatever you plan to do before the collapse.”

It can be enlightening to go back and listen to interviews like this one to see what has or hasn’t transpired, and to see how much closer toward the precipice we have come. Susanne outlines her “72 hour warning” at 8:55 into this interview.

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70 comments to Flashback: Your 72 HOUR RED FLAG ALERT Before Martial Law

  • Guest

    I’m considering taking all but $10k of my savings out of the bank and buying gold. But I’ll admit that I’m fearful. I keep thinking “what if TPTB smash the price of gold below $1k and manage to keep it there for a few more years?” I am not wealthy, but I want to keep what I’ve worked my whole life for. Bonds aren’t safe; we don’t know what will happen with stocks; buying real estate isn’t really an option as I don’t have that much money. That leaves gold and silver.

    • SGT

      I hear ya, it’s all scary these days, especially as the stock market continues to only go higher. People ask, “Where’s the inflation?” The answers is: The stock market. Not sure if the DOW goes to 25,000 or 5,000 at this point, so don’t count this as advice because it’s not. But if I had NO precious metals whatsoever, what I would personally do with $10K is I’d consider buying a few 1 oz American Gold Buffaloes – or maybe 6 half-ounce gold Eagles, and spend the remaining balance on Silver Canadian Maples, or American Silver Eagles. But I, like you, wonder where the price of the metals will go in the near term.

      • Eric

        I’d do the same but would probably buy a few rolls of dimes, quarters, or halves. I would definitely make sure you have at least some gold and silver and not worry too much about price. Take a long term perspective.

        Also, a good idea to have some extra cash stashed away for emergencies.

        I would make sure you got food, water, and everything else you need to hunker down squared away first. Also, security and defense.

        Since the debt just jumped 320 billion and the debt ceiling was virtually eliminated, any real assets you have in your hand is better than paper and digital blips IMHO.

      • Steve

        YOU CAN’T EAT YOU GOLD AND SILVER! In a SHTF scenario or Martial Law…you are going to NEED FOOD!!!!

      • steelerdude

        Im still a firm believer that the collapse will not happen until they take the guns….once that happens, you know you days are numbered…

    • NIX

      Guest : look at us dollar chart and gold chart 10 years you’ll probably get your ansewer, and read about what BAIL IN could do to your saving! peace

    • Bob A

      Call me crazy…and this coming from a guy who has 4,000 oz…and will start accumulating gold….I think there will be another smack down in the PM’s. Have some dry powder ready. Disclaimer. I have zero money in the system, and cash under the mattress, and only enough money in the bank to pay online bills. That’s it. But I believe Jim Rogers who believes gold may go closer to 1,000.00. JMHO.

      • Guest

        One of the reasons I have held off on buying gold is I’ve been reading that it’s going to dip. If it does go down to $1k, I will certainly buy.

        • Ed_B

          That is a personal call that we all have to make on our own, as best fits our own financial situation. That said, beware of normalcy bias, the idea that because things have always been a certain way, they will continue to be that way. It is possible that in an economic collapse, it will be VERY important whether or not we have gold and silver and not what we paid for it. Consider: if you need insurance, you look around and find a policy that fits your needs at a reasonable price. Do you spend any time worry about whether the price of that policy will rise or fall in the near future? No, because what matters is that you HAVE the policy. Gold and silver are no different. Yes, the prices of gold and silver are bouncing up and down and have been for a while. They can continue to do this for some time and very well might. But… one day the collapse won’t be coming, it’ll be here… and when that happens, we won’t be able to buy gold or silver for any amount of failed dollars. That this will happen is clear. What is not clear is WHEN it will happen. As others have said about such things, “Better a year early than a day late”.

        • Eric

          You might not be able to find any if it does. I was looking at monthly charts earlier and am convinced the bottom is in now. Might still trade sideways for a bit but I don’t see 1000 anymore. Could be wrong but I’m 100% in g/s and add on dips if I can. If you have a paycheck, always pay yourself first!

          I believe it’s better to have a little gold and a little silver than none at all. I would be more concerned about possession rather than price. Once the banks close, your fiat currency is gone forever. As far as federal reserve notes go, get out of as many as you can comfortably as quick as possible.

          Here’s my checklist in order…

          Water (bottled up and extra filters),
          Food (don’t buy anything you won’t eat and try to get up to 6-12 months worth stored up),
          Fuel (keep your tank full, have an extra fuel can, but also firewood, batteries, candles, propane, flashlights, etc)
          Cash (silver, gold, FRN). All outside the banking system
          Weapons and Defense

          Have a bug out bag and a getaway plan. Be ready to run and know alternative routes.

          Real Friends, real skills, real assets.

    • Brad

      Well you should never be 100% all in on one asset. Putting all of your savings into PM is just as dumb as putting every penny you have into your home, or a car or the stock market. A well diversified portfolio will protect your hard earned wealth no mater the political or economical climate.

      Personally, if i had $10k in a bank i didnt immediately need and wasent earning interest i would take maybe half of it and buy some PMs. keep the rest int eh bank, you still need to pay bills, which at the moment is priced in dollars not oz of gold or silver. Ive read far to many sad stories of people who put every penny from their bank accounts into PM only to have a car break down, AC unit fail, major medical expense etc…causing them to sell their PMs just days or weeks later after the price has taken a massive dump and they have to accept the fact that they lost thousands of dollars in value as a result.

      • Ed_B

        Well said, Brad. People need to consider gold and silver as long term holdings. Because of that, this should not be money that they expect to need anytime in the next 3-5 years. Those who have some PMs will still profit nicely if the PM prices rise. But by having some money in cash, they can weather a PM price decline storm far better than those who do not. It is possible to do well when one holds a concentrated position in one type of asset, but the odds do not favor it. Diversification is one of only 2 things that we small investors can use to our advantage. The other is dollar cost averaging, where small but regular investments are made over time. Using both of these to their full advantage will be very helpful to most small investors.

      • Eric

        I disagree brad. It depends on each persons individual situation and how much research they have done. Personally, I don’t see anything wrongvwith being 100% in silver but you better have done your homework and be able to handle the volatility. I was buying at 17, 35, 48, 35, 26, 18 and never sweat the price once. I can’t say that for most people though.

    • scott

      Here’s my suggestion for what its worth and what I’ve done. I’ve pretty much stopped reading and listening to anything concerning our financial situation (even SGT) because it will drive you insane! Fact: nobody knows what will happen so why worry about it…you’ll never cover all your bases anyway. And….what if NOTHING ever happens. Rome dragged their shit out for 300 years!!!

      We took enough money out of our IRA’s (yes, we paid the penalty and taxes) to pay off our house, we purchased American Silver Eagles, and 2 really cheap rental properties. We diversified among free and clear real estate, precious metals, and rental properties.

      I sleep as well as can be expected at night.

    • glitter 1

      > Get your cash out of the bank and keep it under your mattress.Only keep enough in your checking to pay monthly bills.
      > Make sure you have a couple months of emergency food supplies at home.
      > Make sure you have some water stored.
      > Have a plan on a place to go to if that becomes necessary.
      > Purchace some financial insurance,which is up to each individual’s needs,I would recommend Silver Eagles then maybe a little gold.

    • Ed_B

      Just remember that you are not spending money when you are buying gold and silver. What you are doing is converting an awful form of money into an excellent form of money. Gold and silver are not investments unless you are trading them often and making some money that way. What gold and silver are: 1) money; 2) a long-term store of value; 3) something that does not inflate away to nothing, robbing you of your hard-earned wealth no matter how small it is; and 4) an insurance policy against monetary / economic / financial disaster… such as a collapse of the US dollar, a collapse of the UST bond market, or a US dollar devaluation. I would rather have a roll of 90% silver dimes to save than a $100 bill, even though both are worth about the same amount… today. Tomorrow could be a FAR different story.

      Have faith in gold and silver. They are constants. They have been money in virtually every human culture for more than 5,000 years. ALL fiat currencies eventually die and become valueless. Not so either gold or silver. They ALWAYS have value. Yes, their costs bounce up and down, thanks mostly to price manipulation and the fact that currency values are not fixed but float. A chart of the cost of oil vs. gold tells a FAR more interesting story than one of the Dow 30 or S&P 500 vs. gold or oil. Charts of all these types can be found on the Internet for comparison.

      Just remember that this is not an either / or deal. You can and should have some currency and some gold and silver. Only you can decide what the proper split is among these because only you know your whole financial picture. But having 1/3 to 1/2 of this wealth in gold and silver that you can hold securely and outside the banking system would not be overdoing it.

  • Greg

    Don’t forget food, food, food!!

    Once you’ve your life insurance sorted then precious metals are probably a prudent place to store your remaining wealth

    • NIX

      Funny i made 50% return on a can of beans!! 1$ to 1:50$ and 100% return on 22 bullets!

      • Eric

        Nix- Beans!!! HA! Next time tell him they are “Magic Beans” 🙂

        • NIX

          John ;Eric is officialy in charge now so tell your sister MAGIC BEANS are the way.

          • John

            I think many in the near future will have hoped that they did have beans.. They’ll be forced to eat the Alpo they had purchased for Benji their dog..

            What the heck happens, when the EBT cards buy squat?

          • Eric

            I’m not in charge of anything besides myself and my household. But I might try the magic bean story on my neighbor later when he asks me about the same overvalued stocks he asks me about every day.

      • Ed_B

        .22LR ammo is up in price by 350-400% in the last 18 or so months. Less than 2 years ago, stores like Big 5 and Sportsman’s Warehouse would put 500 round .22LR ammo bricks on sale for $19. IF you can find one of these for sale these days, most are in the $75-80 range. I’ve scored a few boxes of 100 or 225 rounds each from WalMart but they are few and far between. Funny how something produced in the multi-billions of rounds is so damned hard to find. 🙁

  • John

    I’ve been preaching to everyone including my siblings, my sister works for a big bank, she is involved with balancing errors in accounts.. The last time I told her to get out of the system, her reply was that just recently one of the accounts she was looking into had over 5 million dollars, so if this guy trusts the system, so should she…

    It is what it is…

  • Isaac

    SGT: Why not have Susanne on your show again? An updated version. No doubt she has even more to say now.

  • John

    off topic..

    James Martinez : Cold fusion and the media ecological effects on human perception

  • Jeff

    I second that Isaac! Please SGT try to get Susanne on again.

  • Warp

    Sorry, this is obligatory, think what you will…!

  • Hman

    Very valuable information, thanks for the interview Sean and I think if it happens it’s going to be a global event with no where to run or hide.

    • SGT

      Thanks Hman, & thanks for the dialogue here guys. We all know it’s coming, but none of us knows the day or the hour. But given the EBT debacle recently, it’s quite evident now that any “collapse” will take a horrible toll on this nation.

      • jonathan

        I disagree SGT the effects of the collapse will be harsh at first but then the price of everything will drop to nothing and average people will be able to afford a good life once again. If the military takes over what the hell do they need the Banksters and Billionaires for. They can tell them to go fuck themselves and give a chance to the common person to thrive once again which is the most intelligent strategic move they could make to get public support.

        • SGT

          j, I hope you are right, I do. But I think the prices of everything are more likely to climb higher, far higher, if we have a currency crisis (inflation/devaluation). And anyone without REAL money (99% of the public) will be badly hurt – and those who rely on Gov’t support for their income (50% of Americans one way or another) may find themselves with no income… and those who rely on Gov’t subsidies (45 million on Food Stamps) will be destitute and desperate. Though I wish it was not the case, the PTB have the power to bring this nation to its knees…

          • jonathan

            I agree with what you’re saying if its goes like Greece or Spain but I think the next failure will be a new system and then you have a bunch of useable land across the country and a bunch of entrepreneurs who want to utilize it. There is so much technology in the USA but the Banksters wont fund it. Instead they drive up the prices of homes and stocks then there’s a crash and everyone’s broke. A different system would fund technology production in the USA. No one thought the people could beat the Robber Barons but Henry Ford rose up from a clock maker and brought in mass production which enriched the average person 100 times more.

          • Ed_B

            I agree completely, Sean. When the collapse arrives, it will involve either a currency collapse or a serious devaluation. In either case, prices will either be much higher or ridiculously higher. Not for those who hold gold and / or silver, though, because the prices for those metals in fiat currencies will absolutely explode upwards.

            Anyone who doubts this should check out how things are going with our friends in Venezuela and Argentina, both of which have seen 40-50% devaluations in their currencies… SO FAR. Anyone who lives in those countries and has their savings in gold and silver is unconcerned about these fiat currency hysterics because their wealth is protected by REAL money that does not participate in these financial shenanigans.

      • jonathan

        Remember many founders said the only agency in the Federal Government that should have any real power is the military because it’s the only one essential to protecting the nation. The militias were meant to protect locally while the military fought the larger armies. All other Federal Agencies were intended to stay out of the way of the States because of States Rights.

  • Praxis

    I’m going to suspend judgement. The information is well known and 72 hours is forgiving as a time frame to enact anything when a crisis becomes suddenly apparent.

    I think the readers and participants of this site and others will know well before 72 hours when circumstances become too hairy to justify “normal” activity, in a general blanket sense. That is unless they are having a lapse or are in stead denial, the last ditches of hope. Regardless, if you are paying even a shred of attention, what’s in the bank is not worth it to pursue.

    I think if you are a keen observer, you’ll feel the electricity months in advance. Locally in an acutely unusual situation, there won’t be any buffer. Nationally, if anyone half out of dodge or simply ready for the worst thinks suppression / oppression is that efficient, might as well put a bullet where it belongs because it’s nonsense.

  • D Hall

    Remember these two rules of thumb: The 4 B’s, Beans, Bullets, Bandages and your Bible.

    Also, The 3 G’s, Gold, Guns and a Getaway plan.

    Frankley, I invest in precious metals myself, brass and lead.
    Good luck and may God bless us…we’re gonna need all the Divine help we can get before this is over.

  • Jack

    God give us strength to weather the upcoming storm & the wisdom to separate the wheat from the tares (hang the bankers) so as we can rebuild our once Great Republic.


  • knowtoomuch

    Just dig THESE ONES :

    ■ ‘Pax’ Judaica World Wide :

    ■ ‘The Jew World Order is upon us’, een SUPER article :

    ■ ‘The 20th Century : The Talmudic Triumph over Western Civilisation’ :

    ■ Benjamin H. Freedman “The real Power Behind The Scenes” :

    So get on your knees for the coming Jew World Order … bitchez … and STOP complainig , for THIS is what you’ve been asking for all along … let’s be honest !

  • jonathan

    Another interesting interview SGT but I got to say everyone talks about Martial Law. Anyone who knows anything about human psychology knows that Martial Law will last for about two weeks before the public demands it ends. No one in their right mind thinks Martial Law will last for any period of time. If Martial Law happens be glad because when it quickly ends you will be free from the Banksters.

    • Jack


      You obviously do not understand “problem, reaction, Solution. They cause the problem, monitor your reaction & then will provide the solution, which will be your servitude. the sad thing is you will thank them.

      • jonathan

        I absolutely understand problem, action, solution what you don’t understand is that you are a servant of Bankster and Corporations not of the military. Unlike Banksters the American Military is based on honour and protecting others, Banksters don’t have honour they want profits at any cost to anyone. You are living in a Bankster Dictatorship and the only people who can save you are the military. Why are you more afraid of the Military than you are of the Banksters? Do you love your Masters that much?

  • jonathan

    People keep fear mongering about the banks collapsing are you people crazy. Let me get this straight the collapse of the most corrupt and oppressive group of Fascists that have ever existed is something to fear. That’s like a prisoner afraid his cell door will fall off.

    • andrew james

      The fascists are engineering the collapse. They have a solution prepared in advance. Their solution is probably not going to be as much fun as the games we are playing with them right now.

      • jonathan

        My point is Fascism is in play right now and has been for a while. So lets break up the Fasces, get rid of the Banksters and the mega corporations and the media and the federal politicians and let the military handle foreign affairs and the states can run themselves. I’d worry may more about the militarized police run by the Banksters than the Military themselves.

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