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Does the Right to Self-Defense Now Come from Government?

by AWR Hawkins, AmmoLand:

NRA chief lobbyist Chris Cox recently wrote a column describing the right to keep and bear arms as the “most fundamental of human rights,” adding that the right to self-defense “is not bestowed on [us] by government.”

Cox’s message rings of Thomas Jefferson, who famously wrote that men “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,” and it reminds readers that some rights not only transcend but actually supersede government regulation.

And this is exactly what our Founding Fathers understood, and what they intended us to understand, when they used the Bill of Rights to build a high wall of protection around our unalienable rights.

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2 comments to Does the Right to Self-Defense Now Come from Government?

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    Any of you concerned about the right to self defense coming from the government you could look at the example of Canada. I recently had a discussion with a fellow Canuck during a blog topic on Canadian firearms ownership. Our discussion centred on the major discrepancy between UN stats and those of our Canadian gun advocacy groups the CSSA and NFA. The discrepancy is based on official numbers as opposed to actual numbers based on known statistics from before the implementation of our draconian Firearms Act. Evidently 4 million firearms owners suddenly dropped off the radar screen with the implementation of the long gun registry which has now been rescinded. 3 million Canadians jumped through the hoops and registered their guns while 4 million decided that the government can go [email protected] themselves. During that time I decided to sell and give mine away rather than register and many chose to just ignore the laws and or chose to hide burry them or other creative measures. It all boils down to government decree means squat to a populace determined to resist.

  • Ed_B

    “Does the Right to Self-Defense Now Come from Government?”

    Not only NO! but HELL NO!! Rights exist separate from and above government edicts. Whims are something the government can do something about but rights are and should be beyond their reach. If they are not, then they are not really “rights”, are they?

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