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Default Deadline: US incompetence, can-kicking or clown show?

from Russia Today:

In the midst of a looming default deadline, US lawmakers have agreed on a deal to raise the country’s debt limit and reboot the government. It now must be approved by both Republicans and Democrats, whose infighting brought the world’s richest nation to the brink of default. RT’s Washington bureau is covering the latest developments and expert analysis can be heard in a discussion between RT’s Anissa Naouai and Neil McCabe, Gerald Celente, Keith Boyfield, and Curtis Ellis.

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3 comments to Default Deadline: US incompetence, can-kicking or clown show?

  • zorbo

    It is all just a dog and pony show. Of course the “debt ceiling” had to be raised, or the whole system would crash and everybody world wide would be affected with worthless currency. The best things each of us can do is to minimize our fiat footprint.

  • Sheryl Jacobs

    Miss Anissa, Take better control of your Talk Show. All 4 men had no idea of
    when they could or could not speak. They all had something important to say.

  • Cal

    A bunch of babbling fools! Lol

    So ready for this corrupt old debt system to end or restart and get back to real tangible things!

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