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Common Core: Another Brick in the Wall of Socialism

by James White, Northwest Liberty News:

Kalispell, MT – Whether it’s mini-dictator Mike Bloomberg wanting to ban soft drinks, or the entire NSA data collection farce called Obamacare, government intrusion into the lives of Americans has exploded.  When one considers the new academic standards being adopted nationwide called Common Core, it appears that the aforementioned intrusion may have reached its zenith.

But don’t take my word for it, watch the excellent presentation by Debra Lamm in the video below.  Debra travels state wide informing parents and communities all over Montana about the insidious framework upon which Common Core was built. Even though you may not live in Montana, this information applies to you.  So please watch the presentation, do your own research, and join other members of your community to stop this Orwellian madness.  You can reach Debra via e-mail Here

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1 comment to Common Core: Another Brick in the Wall of Socialism

  • AgShaman

    Threat: General behavioral detection

    It’s coming to Idaho also.

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Texas Instruments, Dell Computers, and a number of other private partnerships with the govt. want to “ready” your children to be a ‘Gamma’. The want obedient slaves.

    India went biometric a couple years ago. The USA will go the same through the public school system and the various data collection and tracking gadgetry.

    Just follow the money if you want to see how they intend to “manage” their human capital.

    Via Agenda 21….and trans-humanistic tracking devices, Big Brother will be father and mother to all children going forward.

    They will be unfolding all their private partnerships onto the American people. The will use the “Delphi Technique” to give the illusion of a ‘participatory democracy’….hoping the representative republic will be forgotten. Except the outcome is pre-ordained.

    Don’t get fooled….they will Delphi Technique their way to a collectivist utopia.

    Learn the tactics of your enemy….learn to spot the Delphi Technique

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