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Chinese companies to buy big stake in next generation of British nuclear power

[Ed. Note: To all our British readers – please understand that George Osborne just DOUBLED your electric rate. But the good news is, France and China will be enjoying a raise in wages due to George Osborne selling ALL your assets. ~MRH]

from The Telegraph:

George Osborne, the Chancellor, has announced that the UK will allow Chinese companies to take a stake in British nuclear power plants.

Consumer groups have been concerned that customers will end up paying for indirect price subsidies, potentially costing billions of pounds through levies on bills over the 35-year life of the new plants.

EDF is said to have given ground on a guaranteed price of between £90 and £93 for each megawatt hour of electricity generated by the new plants – having initially demanded around £150. But the looming deal is still 50pc above the current wholesale cost of power.

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2 comments to Chinese companies to buy big stake in next generation of British nuclear power

  • Scott Sando

    Yeah I know MRH, it sucks. Governments the world over care nothing for the country or the people in it, they are pushing us into a world system.

    • Rodster

      That and another reason is that they are so BROKE financially they are selling away their own sovereignty to pay for the cost of their social programs. We’ve done that here in the US as well.

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