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Can The Fed Taper?

by John Aziz, Azizonomics:

Back in June, I correctly noted that it was severely unlikely that the Federal Reserve would taper its asset buying programs in September. I based this projection on the macroeconomic indicators on which the Federal Reserve bases its decisions — unemployment, and inflation. The Federal Reserve has a mandate from Congress to delivery a monetary policy that results in full employment, and low and stable inflation. With consumer price inflation significantly below the Fed’s self-imposed 2% goal, and with the rate of unemployment relatively high — currently well over 7% — I saw very little chance of the Fed effectively tightening by reducing his asset purchases.

There exists another school of thought that also correctly noted that the Fed would not taper. This other school, however, believes that the Fed cannot ever taper and that the Fed will destroy the dollar before it ceases its monetary activism. This view is summarised by the Misesian economist Pater Tanebrarum:

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1 comment to Can The Fed Taper?

  • Frank Zak

    Just as I predicted, Zero Hedge is touting a drop in
    home sales. And, just as I predicted, HE FORGETS to tell
    you loans cannot procees without gov approval, because of
    by the gov shutdown during this time.

    Someone needs to grab this guy by the scruff of the neck
    and kick him in the butt.


    Zero Hedge never called the bottom and yet has been trying
    to call a top for a long time. When will he admit he screwed
    up ?

    Peter Schiff blew his calls for a housing top too. Not to
    mention he didn’t call a top in gold.

    Housing runs up for years. Its not like commodities.

    This housing boom is 40% off its lows.

    Maybe someone should tell Harry Dent that.

    These forecasters remind me of a zoo. Your likely to
    see any type of strange animal.

    Peter Schiff lost 50% of his clients money a couple
    years ago by his own admission. To get even, you now
    have to make 100%.

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