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Billionaire Sprott Asks How Will People Survive What’s Coming?

from KingWorldNews:

In the aftermath of the dollar plunge and the gold surge this week, today in his King World News interview billionaire Eric Sprott asked the chilling question, with the collapse that is coming, “as human beings, how is everyone going to survive?” He then stated, “It’s a scary prospect.” Below is what Sprott, who is Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, had to say in part I of this remarkably powerful interview series.

Eric Sprott:
“The United States is already insolvent. They announced their own GAAP budget deficit, which was $6 trillion last year. $6 trillion! They (only) had revenues of $3 (trillion). And the combined debt and entitlements is now $60 – $70 trillion.

Eric Sprott continues @

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4 comments to Billionaire Sprott Asks How Will People Survive What’s Coming?

  • Eric

    They probably won’t. They’re morons.

  • george

    Chase and Citibank restrict money after Nov 17th!!! – cannot be sent outside of USA. Yanks cannot send out money. Also, they will be restricted to $50,000 witdrawal limit per month!

    So YOUR money really isn’t. You can only have each month what JPM and Citibank say you can have. And you ain’t sending money out of the country anymore. After Nov 17th.

    If I told you your pants were on fire would you budge an inch?

  • Menachim Bagel

    Why not move your money out of Chase & Citibank and into a credit union or foreign bank within the US before Nov 17th? Dah

  • Menachim Bagel

    buy gold & silver & lead & be your own bank?

    PS- these math problems replacing CAPTA are straining my brain.

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