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Andy Hoffman – Is Housing Headed For Another Bust?


Housing sales are falling off the cliff. New rules are coming down from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that are going to make it even worse, if you can believe it? If housing goes down than how far can the rest of the economy be? Andy Hoffman thinks not too far. Other trends which we’ve been covering for years are certainly not too favorable, but don’t worry, you can always count upon the Fed to print more money. And that has always worked in the past so it’s sure to work now, won’t it?

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1 comment to Andy Hoffman – Is Housing Headed For Another Bust?

  • Frank Zak

    Housing prices are going up and will go up
    for years to come.

    Home prices do not depend on sales when
    inventory is depleted.

    The Gov shutdown stopped loan processing
    for awhile.

    Andy just made my shyster list.

    He is out for your money. PERIOD.

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