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A Tsunami Of Crime Is Coming

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

While crime rates had been declining for two decades, it appears that the bottom is in, as is indicated by the government reporting Thursday that the violent crime rate went up 15 percent last year, and the property crime rate rose 12 percent.

Preppers need to take a hard look at their security, their situational awareness, and implement preventative and proactive measures to counter the rising tide of what’s sure to become a tsunami of crime as our ‘real’ economy and the majority of those affected will become increasingly desperate in the months and years to come…

ABC News via an Associated Press report from Pete Yost, says that a new crime victimization survey indicates America’s crime rate is up sharply.

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2 comments to A Tsunami Of Crime Is Coming

  • Frank Zak

    Its funny you young whippersnappers think
    crime is a new game in town.

    A few decades ago my first class at USC was law.
    An old wealthy law professor got up and saidd to us…

    “Your lives will be dominated by the Rothschilds. You
    will be dominated from the time you wake up, till
    the time you go to bed. If you don’t like it, quit
    school now and go home. I am only here to teach you
    how to play their game.”

    “There is no law.”

  • Ed_B

    All societies tend to have as much crime as they will tolerate – no more and no less. Today, however, we have a Marxist regime in power in DC who can and will use ANY situation to advance their Marxist agenda, no matter the cost to the country or its citizens. If crime rises, we can be assured that it is doing so because the US Just US Dept. is encouraging it to do so, probably because it will allow them to declare marshal law at some point. Our beloved country is being turned against itself because we are the only “enemy” capable of toppling ourselves. Everything that the Obama regime does is aimed toward this goal.

    Rahm Israel Emanuel once famously (or infamously) said, “Never let a crisis go to waste”. What was not uttered in the presence of any unfriendly microphones, of course, was the addendum, ‘…even if you have to create it yourself’. It is a certainty that this is included in the sentiment and is part of the Marxists overall plan to destroy this country.
    They are making good progress with this agenda of theirs so far. They will fail, of course, and they will pay a very high price for their treachery. The hangman will be worked hard before justice is fully served.

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