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A Formal Response from Andrew Maguire

from TF Metals Report:

Andy sent this off earlier today to Kitco and requested that they post it and forward it to Forbes. We’ll see about that. In the meantime, he’s shared it with us and it’s posted below.

Here is the entire text of Andy’s response:

Last week, an attempted attack on me was made based upon unreliable and misinformation. The most important question to ask from it is why? This is extremely easy to answer. I am exposing the imminent default of the LBMA unallocated bullion banking system. Ever since JC of CPM Group made the mistake of admitting that a 100/1 leverage was routinely employed by the LBMA Bullion banks, it would appear his credibility with regard to his industry peers, was brought into question by exposing a default vulnerability of the entire LMBA unallocated Bullion banking system. My work in telegraphing and publicising this information has put him on the defence to try put negative spin on my highly successful trading career.


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6 comments to A Formal Response from Andrew Maguire

  • Tim

    Love it! Jeff Christian is the consummate slimeball.

  • AK

    Andrew has shown what a class act he is by his response. He kept it professional and factual, unlike Jeff Christian who purposely tried to smear Andrew with false allegations, as it turns out. Most of us have known what a shady character Jeff Christian is and now he has exposed himself for the fraud he is to the rest of the world.

  • Silver Shield

    Sorry, but no one would have listened to this guy if the words “Goldman Sachs Whistleblower” were not attached to him?
    Take the black eye and move on folks.

  • The Truth

    You know Andrew said Friday in the Kingworldnews interview with Eric Sprott he would get the information out about this and he has kept his word. The way the letter is written is very professional and without any animosity towards JC. It is good to see him being professional about the accusations.

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