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A Collective Pining for More Inflation

by Pater Tenebrarum,

An Imagined Panacea for Economic Ills

The John Law school of economics remains alive and well. A recent article in the NYT informs us that “In Fed and Out, Many Now Think Inflation Helps” [sic].

A few excerpts:

“Inflation is widely reviled as a kind of tax on modern life, but as Federal Reserve policy makers prepare to meet this week, there is growing concern inside and outside the Fed that inflation is not rising fast enough.”

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1 comment to A Collective Pining for More Inflation

  • Ed_B

    It is amazing at just how many knuckleheads keep pining away for more inflation. Inflation? They want inflation, all they need to is: look at the US stock market, which is HIGHLY inflated; food and fuel are highly inflated; and other things that are up double digits in price include, taxes, tuition, and insurance. Those who claim that they cannot find inflation simply are not looking all that hard. Instead of simply accepting the bogus and manipulated Fed numbers on this, they should get off their butts and do some honest searching on their own. It’s not that hard to find.

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