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100 Years of the Income Tax

from SchiffReport:

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2 comments to 100 Years of the Income Tax

  • jonathan

    I listen to Schiff sometimes but in reality he’s completely full of shit. He claims monopolistic corporations are protected by the constitution and the principles of the founding fathers when in reality the founding fathers warned about the power of corporations and refused to give them more than a temporary charter. Schiff is a Corporatists not a Libertarian.

  • Brian

    Yeah 99% were not going to pay the income tax until the federal reserve turned your(their) “money” in a priviledge via the conveyence of the legal tender priviledge upon federal reserve notes/credit in 1933 and the subsequent removal of constitutionally authorized money ala gold and silver coin(legal tender by default), plus USN’s (legal tender cases). I’m disappointed in PS, he should know more about this considering his dad is in prison for his failed theories on the applicability of the income tax.

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