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10 Ways the Obamacare Train Wreck is Screwing the American People

Soaring costs, assaults on privacy, and a nanny state gone wild

by Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet:

Obamacare is a big government boondoggle that will empower the nanny state to extort, intimidate, harass and surveil Americans like never before. Here are ten ways in which the Obamacare train wreck is screwing the American people.

1) Research by the Manhattan Institute documents how average insurance rate premiums will rise 99 per cent for men and 62 per cent for women under Obamacare. In states like North Carolina, men face a whopping 305 per cent average rate hike, whereas women in Nebraska will be paying on average 237 per cent more. Studies by the Congressional Budget Office found that some Americans will face premium increases of 203% under Obamacare. The new law will increase health care spending by over $7000 for a typical family of four. When we asked Americans on Facebook and Twitter if their costs would be higher or lower under Obamacare, virtually all said they would be paying significantly more.

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1 comment to 10 Ways the Obamacare Train Wreck is Screwing the American People

  • Isaac

    Even if a national health care program came into fruition through good and honest intentions and was meant to work (Obamacare was never meant to be functional, in my opinion), I still resent being FORCED to contribute my hard-earned money to pay for a bunch of lazy slobs who gorge on GMO poison day in and day out, and whose only form of exercise is the lifting of the beer, soda or cigarette to the mouth.

    These fluoride heads REFUSE to educate themselves on REAL ways they can improve their health, apart from the dictates of mainstream medicine, who clearly are not interested in preventative medicine, lest it affect the bottom line.

    In other words, TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN HEALTH, rather than depending upon the safety net of an insurance program to “fix” the serious health issues that the people brought on themselves.

    But considering the fact that so many refuse to take responsibility for anything of importance these days, both our nation’s health AND its wealth will pay the price like never before, the fascist Obamacare or some socialist program ushered in to replace it, notwithstanding.

    So while the Obasmacare debate rages on, and growing numbers of people see the absurdity of this monstrosity, the core issue, that of MANAGING OUR OWN HEALTH, goes relatively ignored.

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