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With dwindling inventories silver is now TOO PRECIOUS

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

It’s Monday September 2nd, and a holiday-edition of The Grind. Happy “Labour Day” to all of our readers in North America. With North American bankers (apparently) all gone for their three-day weekends; I wasn’t anticipating anything of significance in bullion markets today.

However, perhaps we are seeing a new form of “decoupling”; this one a manufactured attempt by the Banksters to “decouple” gold from silver; after spending the best part of a decade using manipulative algorithms to FORCE these two metals to move in lock-step with each other. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s first check out the price-action so readers can see the difference between the two markets today.

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1 comment to With dwindling inventories silver is now TOO PRECIOUS

  • Isaac

    When it comes to gold and silver, too many of us spend far too much time attempting to make rhyme or reason out of the daily price action. And though there are likely particular fundamentals that influence the metals to at least some degree (outside of the MORE OBVIOUS cartel manipulation), it’s likely too soon to explain away the reason that gold and silver didn’t move in lockstep today as Mr. Nielson attempting to do.

    Anyone who’s been paying attention to the price action of gold and silver is surely aware of the fact as soon as we think we have a handle on why the price behaves a certain way on any given day, the cartel throws us a curve and makes fools of us the very next.

    Based upon the “evidence” that Mr. Nielson presents, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that gold and silver price behavior are going there own separate ways just yet.

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