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Why investors like silver more than gold

by Myra P. Saefong, Market Watch:

Investors have taken a big interest in silver lately and their infatuation looks set to continue this year, despite gold’s advance.

True, both metals haven’t done very well most recently, posting losses in five out the last six sessions, but a big-picture view on prices and exchange-traded funds shows just how much silver’s turning heads.

In August, gold futures climbed more than 6% and since the end of June, they are up about 12%. Those figures pale in comparison to the 20% increase in silver futures for last month and quarter to date.

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5 comments to Why investors like silver more than gold

  • Troy

    I will only buy silver and copper. If the shtf, how the hell are you going to buy cucumbers or a chicken, or a dozen eggs with a gold coin? Even if you had gold, during a shtf, nobody would trust it is actually gold…I wouldn’t. Silver, mainly 1964 and older would be PERFECT!!! If you have any gold, I would sell it…like NOW, and get silver. I have NO interest in gold, and never will. Shelter…country house, preps, food, guns and ammo, animals, like minded locals, and silver…these are what you need.

  • Frank Zak


    • NaySayer

      No, if you lived in the country you would understand that they would never give up the land upon which their survival rests. They would sell some products of their land for real money (I agree a gold coin won’t do, you need copper and silver) but probably not their land.

      Too many people don’t understand history. The way to wealth will devolve back down the history trail. Right now the way to wealth is to have money which you invest/speculate with to make more money.

      1. Deriviates and other investments started making more money than anything else around 2004. It outstripped manufacturing as the way to wealth. It was largely bogus casino bets on whether interest rates or this & that would go up and down but the elite made vast fortunes on it.

      2. Before that wealth was largely derived from making real things in manufacturing or coming up with ideas that improved the way you could be more produtive at making real things in manufacturing. Roughly 1790s to 2004.

      3. Before that the basis of wealth was land. Land allowed you to grow things, to raise animals and if you were lucky you found a small amount of somthing else of value on your land, maybe coal or copper, tin, silver etc that you could mine. It could be salt deposits or marshes where you could boil the water & get salt to sell locally maybe you had a small private ocean cove where you could fish.

      Land is the going to be the basis of most wealth again. Manufacturing will come back eventually on local levels but land is where it is at in a devastating worldwide collapse.

    • Waldog

      Once again Frank Zak is attacking silver. What is your motive?

  • NaySayer

    Having said the above, it will be possible if you have real money and you live in an agricultural area to survive by buying food/livestock from locals who do farm.

    This might be good for older people who simply do not have the physical stamina to grow their own food. For them, living in a community with extra food production will be key. If you run out of food and you aren’t physically able to grow what you need you will have to be in an area with surplus for sale. But those people selling will probably not have change for a gold coin. Copper for small purchases (a bushel of beans or a dozen eggs) & silver for large purchases (maybe a goat to milk and a couple of chickens) will be really important.

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