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“When Can I Buy My Ticket to Outer Space?”

from ReasonTV:

“How is it that I have billions or hundreds of millions of dollars, and I can’t buy a ticket to space?” asks Katherine Mangu-Ward, as she explains why a handful of super-rich men have decided to fund a new era of private space travel. “This is not the deal. This is not what I thought was going to happen when I was 10.”

Mangu-Ward, managing editor of Reason magazine, joined Charles Murray, José Cordeiro, and Aaron Day, at FreedomFest 2013 in Las Vegas, to discuss the future of space exploration. The mainstream media’s outlook has been uniformly pessimistic on the subject. NASA has scaled back its ambitions and its budget has contracted, while government-backed missions have drifted away. President Bush’s ambitious plan for a manned mission to Mars, announced in 2004 to great fanfare, never got off the ground.

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6 comments to “When Can I Buy My Ticket to Outer Space?”

  • Eric

    There used to be a ‘jump room’ in el segundo controlled by the cia where th elite could transport to mars instaneously. Walk into an elevator, doors close, a few seconds later you’re on mars. NASA is old technology, but as usual the illuminati keep it all for themselves.

  • NaySayer

    Recently a U.S. senator admitted publicly that we have a “space command”. There is a secret space program that we all pay for but are not allowed to know about. They got rid of most of nasa because that is the public face of space travel for the govt. and it is old and no longer relevent.

    Recently also a former defense minister of canada admitted that he knew about aliens and technology because he was told about it by members of the U.S. defense department. This is the first cabinet level minister of a western country who has publicly revealed that these things exist. You can smartpage search engine these stories if you want.

  • Jonathan

    The middle guy was living a complete fantasy. The Apollo program was an advertisement for the combustible engine. They had far superior tech back then. It has long been known you can build a launch platform fill it with hydrogen float it up to the outer parts of the atmosphere and use 1% of the rocket fuel they use to launch from sea level. People say hydrogen is dangerous. Tell that to the pilots of the Columbia.

  • Jonathan

    Every time I watch a video from I’m disappointed.

  • Jonathan

    What about the guy from Vancouver Island who intercepted video from a NASA feed showing all the zero point energy discs flying around which are definitely human craft. Nazi’s were coming back to earth with these craft in the fifties and sixties claiming to be Nordic Aliens but the whole thing was swept under the rug.

  • CalSailX

    It’s all so simple folks, we need to clean up the this damn rock. Maybe terminate a few sociopaths sorry but ya need a few poster children to LAY DOWN OUR OWN RED LINE!

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