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What’s Next After the Firearms Freedom Act Ruling?

by Shane Trejo,

After the recent Firearms Freedom Act ruling, there will be no firearms freedom in America, at least if the the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has anything to say about it.  It agreed with a lower court’s decision that if a gun is made in state, sold in state, that the federal power to regulate interstate commerce applies.

Sadly, this is consistent with previous court rulings even though it’s not consistent with the original, legal meaning of “interstate commerce” under the constitution.

A moderate law was passed in Montana that would prevent guns produced in the state from being subject to federal regulations under the “interstate commerce clause” of the Constitution.  However, these type of common sense measures are not allowed by our federal overlords.

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2 comments to What’s Next After the Firearms Freedom Act Ruling?

  • Ed_B

    “However, these type of common sense measures are not allowed by our federal overlords.”

    Then it is time that the states came together, exercised their authority, and took the Fed Gov down several pegs. They created the Fed Gov and they can damn-well un-create it or at least seriously rein it in. The best way to do that, of course, is to strictly limit the amount of tax money that the feds can gather AND spend. The borrowing of money should be VERY strictly controlled by the states because FedZilla has no interest in not eating everything it sees and touches. FedZilla is a powerful beast but it has a weak spot… it can be starved into submission. It eats money. Don’t give it so much and it will be MUCH more docile. Don’t let it borrow a lot of money, either. This is how today’s voters get bribed with the earnings of future voters who cannot vote to stop it today but who can be stuck with the bills that are generated today. Talk about taxation without representation!

  • Ed_B

    One other thing. The 9th Circuit is one of if not THE most over-turned high court in the US. A lot of their rulings are over-turned by the USSC and they are not always real gentle in how they apply a much-deserved smack-down of the 9th Circuit’s rulings. The 9th Circuit will support just about any cause if it is sufficiently liberal but that does not mean that the USSC will. Most of the time, they do not support the 9th Circuit’s reasoning and this case is likely to be no different.

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