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Whatever Happened to Justice?

by Green Lantern, TF Metals Report:

Fair Warning, This post contains references to religion but it is not religious. Yes, I know the old adage. Keep away from discussions of abortion, religion and politics at the dinner table. I realize that touching on these subjects in the past have made men go berserk. Some of them are still on the loose. However, my references will be historical in nature so it theoretically should offend no one. I know that is wishful thinking anywhere in life.

I do not offer this as a sales job or intend to pit one philosophy against another. I do not reveal my spiritual belief system and do not suggest one for you. It is simply a historical survey for religion is an intricate part of American history. The founding fathers were deeply devotional men and their spiritual beliefs were incorporated into the Founding documents. If you are a supporter of the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, then you already know that the principles contained within are in part based on the spiritual belief of the founders. If you don’t, well you probably need to read this article.


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