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What stops America from bombing Syria?

by, Lew Rockwell:

What is stopping the Americans from a military strike on Syria? What is the interest of the French and British oil companies in the intervention? For whom the “Islamic bell” may toll? Head of the Institute of Applied Research of Oriental and African Studies, Said Gafurov, answered these and other questions in the live video feed of Pravda.Ru.

Last week The New York Times published an op-ed by Vladimir Putin. Do you think it makes sense to address the American nation?

“I think it made a lot of sense. You have to understand who the target audience of this op-ed was. I think it sounds a bit cynical, but it was not an appeal to the nation. It is difficult to address the nation; it was rather an appeal to the American establishment, the American bureaucracy in general and, first of all, of course, the appeal to the Office of the Secretary of State. We always forget that there is no unity of interest or unity of purpose in the American politics.

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1 comment to What stops America from bombing Syria?

  • James Woroble Jr

    In my estimation, a massive ‘shock & awe’ asymmetrical attack upon Saudi Arabia, as now exists in the Kremlin ordered by Putin recently, ending the fundamental basis of all domestic and global economic existence for America via its ‘petro-dollar’ — THE HARD WAY!

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