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“We’ve Also Seen An Islamic Rebel Eating The Heart Of A Soldier!” SEN RAND PAUL vs SEN MENENDEZ

from CNN, via MOXNEWSd0tC0M:

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4 comments to “We’ve Also Seen An Islamic Rebel Eating The Heart Of A Soldier!” SEN RAND PAUL vs SEN MENENDEZ

  • B.M.

    The most disturbing aspect of this video is that Rand Paul, like the others present, is likely fully aware that the real issue here is the natural gas pipeline and Gazprom’s potential to overtake OPEC as the energy king of the word. Yet, all participants in this video, including Rand Paul, continue to argue about chemical attacks, Iran’s nuclear program and the poor Syrian people, instead of calling this for what it really is which is the U.S. trying to stop Russia/Syria/Iran from becoming the 800 lb. gorilla in the energry war.

    It makes me wonder if even Rand Paul is somewhat in the back pocket of big energy or corporate fascist America.

    • Tim

      He certainly isn’t following in his father’s footsteps.

    • Jonathan

      Oh he is definitely in the Bilderberg’s pocket. If you support him and he wins the presidency Fascism is saved for a while. If you don’t support him the Fat Pig from NJ or Hitlery Clinton gets into power and fascism goes turbo. If he does get into power he may call for the end of the federal government as we know it. This is a strategy the powerful use it’s called the BULL. Go left get gored by the right horn, go right get gored by the left horn, stand still and get run over.

  • NaySayer

    Anybody who eats the organs of a human or gets any gets spinal fluid in them frome eating a human is highly likely to get a prion disease, which is the human form of Mad Cow disease (kreutzfeld Jacob disease, caused by prions (infectious protinacious particles)).

    Eating humans, especially the organs or any spinal fluid is not a good idea at any time.

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