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A Sea of Endless Corruption

“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

SILVER: The Achilles’ Heel

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24 comments to A Sea of Endless Corruption

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Their bulls**t continues to amaze me.

    • BUZZ

      For the longest time I believed that gold and silver were the best options to hide your wealth from the collapse and the cartel’s losing propositions aka fiat, stocks, bonds, electronic blips, etc.

      To be honest…i am not so sure now.
      They could collapse the price of pms while creating a hyperinflationary depression and perhaps ban/confiscate/forbid ownership of gold and silver. All in the interest of national security.

      Would anyone resist? Lets see…we invade 5 countries in the past 10 years and no opposition…we lose our 4th, 6th, amendments while the 2nd is being destroyed and their is little opposition.

      Trust your gut right? Most people on this site know there is a criminal banking money cartel running things so why would they leave any exits for you and me? Pms as an exit is probably the last tolerated place to hide if the criminals remain in power and try to present us with a new more tryannical monetary/political structure.

      So i truly feel like giving up and buying rentable real estate…why? because even during a collapse people will need a roof over their heads, and if things get really bad…well you can’t eat gold and silver…you can barter with it but a bottle of jack will probably go further if total economic collapse happens. If total economic ruin happens and you own real estate…you will at least own the title to the land.

      Not that i disagree with anyone holding pm’s here. I am just coming to the realization that the cartel will remain in power for a lot longer than anyone here can imagine. They have been in total control after JFK and were in partial control since 1913 so here it is 100 years later and they are going to lose control now? Lets not kid around here the criminals control our markets, monetary policy, media, policians, etc. How is that going to change when armored police tanks roll down your street with lower end bell curve goons manning the guns? Are you going to resist? Probably not…so where can you hide your wealth?

      Land/real estate seems a better play to me at this point.

      I think i am going to sell the majority of my gold and some of my silver for a small gain on gold and small loss in silver. I am going to purchase some depressed real estate and fix for monthly rent/income.

      I will never sell all of my gold and silver, but IMO these pm’s are going to stay below or right above mining costs for as long as the cartel can allow it. Sure the comex/lbma may run out of metal and the majority of mines close up or shut down…but that wont stop them from fixing the paper price. Sure there will be real shortages some day, but the cost of silver may be at 15/10/5 bucks and you can’t buy any…and perhaps no one will want to sell it. Do you guys see my point? They can manipulate these prices in full and no one is going to stop them even if there is none to be found.

      If you are depending on China and Russia…i think you will be disapointed. Their govts have had full domination and control of their people for a lot longer than our curreny tryannical govt. I am sure they will azz fk their people, don’t look for the reds to come in and rescue honest amerikans.

      • Hannon

        “Land/real estate seems a better play to me at this point.”

        I agree with this for now but they are going to ruin that through agenda 21 and similar programs, and maybe even by racketing up property taxes. They are going to attempt to close off all avenues, so no matter what we do, we’ll get bankrupted into their hands. The only way out of this is if we can bring them to justice or it’s not going to matter how we invest.

        • BUZZ


          Go to wal-mart or DMV and let me know if you have any faith that this ignorant, imoral, society intends to bring justice to these criminals?

          In other words….the amerikan cattle are asleep and they won’t wake up until their ebt cards don’t buy a box of frosted flakes.

          gold and silver only protect an educated society.
          amerikans don’t even know what real money is….they know NFL and porn…but not much else

      • Jonny English


        Well said.

        Back in 2011 when I ‘woke up’ I wish I NEVER listened to the salesmen posing as experts spouting ‘economic collapse is imminant so protect yourself with Silver!’

        Or – the ‘Silver is going to the moon!’ BS,
        or the ‘$500 an ounce Silver’ crowd,
        or all those other ‘experts’ who said we were about to ‘run out’ of physical metal. or that ‘Silver is rarer than Gold’.

        Looking back I had no chance. All was now proven to be BS. At least the Bullion Dealers got fat on thier profits.

        I note even Max ‘Silver’ Keiser has now shut up about Silver.

        I went all in at $48 an ounce – what a fool I was – With Silver at half that price now thats 50% of my life savings just thrown away.

  • dan

    Until the jails are full of the’manipulators and their minions…along with many in DC…we as a nation will continue on the road to ruin….this will never end easy….imho

  • Tim

    It won’t end any time soon, in my opinion. There is no reason to get excited when the metals rise, like they did this past Wednesday, because TPTB will just smash them back down to wherever they want them. TPTB are going to drag this out for much longer than we think. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Hman

    Today is quadrupole witching and all the metals bulls with options and or futures must be crushed.

  • NIX

    please go down to ZERO I’LL GET THE STUFF FOR NOTHING!!.

  • rich

    Senator Diane Feinstein’s Husband Selling Post Offices to Cronies on the Cheap

    To quote famed short seller David Einhorn: “No matter how bad you think it is, it’s worse.” On the “corruption among what passes for our elites” front, this story about self-dealing in the privatization of the Postal Service gives an indication of how bad things really are.

    So you can see how this charade works: CBRE is tasked with selling properties at market value or higher. But who determines what market value is? CBRE. So the fox is officially running the henhouse.

    Bryne filed a FOIA to try to obtain the appraisals. The Post Office refused, with the intelligence-insulting excuse that the appraisals were commercially sensitive and were comparable to national security secrets! Um, they are property specific and at a certain point in time, so their value after a sale is consummated is nil…except for audit purposes. But it appears that anything that might embarrass DiFi, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, by definition is a national security issue.

    But what is in the public record is plenty damning. CBRE was routinely selling property at below assessed value. For anyone familiar with real estate in the US, “assessed value” is the value used for real estate tax purposes and by convention, almost without exception is meaningfully below market value.

    whether or not you like the p.o., stealing is stealing, and your kids will be left behind, as theirs move ahead………………

  • willyt2

    This entire world is in such a state of disrepair and no way to fix it, its sad to sit and read daily how much destruction is taking place in our world today. Not just financially but many other easpects, all teh wars going on the disaster in Japan that continues to get worse. Nothing is real anymore and I do not understand how the average person does not see it, it’s beyond me. Especially in the States where they have been talking about the recovery, the recovery, the recovery. What Efen recovery? If there was a recovery that was real why do they need to buy 85 billion dollars a month just to prop up the economy. BULLSHIT I say. I’m not American and i figured it out, why are people so frieken blind? Why do so many people not understand this. B.S. Bernanke didn’t taper and PM’s shot up considerably. Here we are today and boom they get shot down again. It’s quite obvious what is happening. We’re being lied to by our politicians, by all the criminal cabal of banksters that rule the world. Not that this any new to most people who read this site but I just don’t understand how the world is so full of stupid people. I constantly make a lot of noise about this to my fellow workers and family and people just look at me like I’m weird. Running a country is exactly like running a business if your doing well and making a profit you don’t need to go borrow money every month just for the sake of borrowing. It’s just common sense and that just makes no sense. The crimesters in Washington and the world banksters are playing us all for a bunch of fools. They created the finacial crisis back in 2008 and nothing has been the same since. I hope each and every crook that has/had their hand in the destruction of our financial future suffer severely when the SHTF. When this thing blows apart and it’s going I can feel it, It’s not far off, this is going to hit the average know nothing so hard they will never understand what actually happened. It’s already way to late to wake people up. If they haven’t by now they never will. I feel bad for all of those people who don’t have a clue about what’s really going on. The sooner it happens the better is all I can say. Then we can start over and hopefully have something real and meaningful to look forward to in our lives. We no longer have to deal with the vicious lying criminal cabal that stalks this world daily leeching off of us to supply them their wealth. I do not want to see the destruction of the worlds financial system collapse or the chaos that will come with it, but I see no other alternative, there is no other way out of this big financial mess that the greedy bastards on top have created. This just gets so old watching it happen time and time again. The more things change the more they remain the same.

  • Michael

    It’s Friday on the Kikex and nothing changes. I would have been stunned if the prices were the same or even slightly less. These Bankster s#%tbags have done this for years. The slam has a more lasting effect through the weekend. Shorts, longs, options,puts, hedges, and my personal favorite rehypothecation. Step right up and place your bets. When Clinton and Rubin got rid of Glass-Steagall, it spelled the end of free market. The people on SGT are among the most enlightened, and hopefully their audience has taken steps to protect assets. To the Fox, MSN, CBS, NBC, ABC watchers, you are in for the surprise of your life.

  • John

    Good post Willy. If people can’t see the farce for what it is after the last three days, then they will never get it.

    Read between the lines….The Fed just announced, “our current financial system is finished.” The Titanic continues to sink, and instead of climbing in the lifeboats people party and stand there with a drink in their hand and listen to the band play.

  • andrew james

    come on seventeen

  • rich

    Nanex ~ 20-Sep-2013 ~ Einstein and The Great Fed Robbery
    One of Einsteins great contributions to mankind was the theory of relativity, which is based on the fact that there is a real limit on the speed of light. Information doesn’t travel instantly, it is limited by the speed of light, which in a perfect setting is 186 miles (300km) per millisecond. This has been proven in countless scientific experiments over nearly a century of time. Light, or anything else, has never been found to go faster than 186 miles per millisecond. It is simply impossible to transmit information faster.

    Too bad that the bad guys on Wall Street who pulled off The Great Fed Robbery didn’t pay attention in science class. Because hard evidence, along with the speed of light, proves that someone got the Fed announcement news before everyone else. There is simply no way for Wall Street to squirm its way out of this one.

    Before 2pm, the Fed news was given to a group of reporters under embargo – which means in a secured lock-up room. This is done so reporters have time to write their stories and publish when the Fed releases its statement at 2pm. The lock-up room is in Washington DC. Stocks are traded in New York (New Jersey really), and many financial futures are traded in Chicago. The distances between these 3 cities and the speed of light is key to proving the theft of public information (early, tradeable access to Fed news).

  • John

    I’m waiting for the next update from Andrew Maguire, it should take Silver to $60.00… Now that Jim Sinclair says that we’re headed up, I’m selling everything and going in full… So glad to have these Guru’s helping me out…

    • Tim

      I hear ya. You know the financial system is a total sham when the most experienced and knowledgeable people out there can’t get it right.

      • iguana one

        Here! here! I’m sickened by this whole charade. The lies are really getting to me.
        Lies from almost everyone on the inside including the Jurassic Sinclair, Maguire, Sprott, Baloney Maloney, Rick Rule, on and on and on…………….
        They will print forever! And I have said it before:
        it will go to 999 trillion dollars and still…it’s just numbersw. Nobody’s gonna get paid but so what? Keep printing! Keep the numbers going! As long as the Beer is cold and football is on tv then all is well! Yee haw! There coming to take me away!

  • johns

    6 lugs have come off an 8 lug wheel. That’s where we are now, and this is showing it.

  • Isaac

    PLEASE, then, let’s all keep this in mind when the next taper flops and the “spike to infinity” turns into nothing more than an impotent man’s 10-second erection tease.

    As if the manipulation isn’t bad enough, these PM-promoting sites peddling a whole lot of false hope (for the short term) is, quite frankly, heartless and unethical. Most of ’em have been in this long enough to know better, but continue this head game mercilessly.

    Dollar cost average each month, forget the phony price, boycott the hype, and keep your eyes on the prize, because any short term expectations will only make suckers out of us.

  • Until people are so sick of the PM sector this will continue… & one day while 90% of people have left the sector POOF it will rise… rise & continue to rise….. this train will leave the station with VERY few people on-board… that’s the reason for the current action….. it’s not going to get any easier as we move forward…. Volatility will only increase with these type of swings becoming the norm…. we now have almost $50 swing now in Gold… wait until we have $100, $200, $300 dollar swings…… because that’s what’s coming….. I would recommend using this as a test-bed in preparation for what is ahead…..

  • Nick

    I have long-term faith in gold. I can’t say the same for the dollar.

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