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Vel Nitrist – If You Lose In Court Sue The Judge


Vel Nitrist thought he had an open and shut case, but he lost. Then he sued in a different court and lost again. Then he appealed and his appeal was shot down. Then he sued the judges and guess what, that didn’t work either. So now he’s out there telling his story. He believes that the judicial system has been totally corrupted and that the Founding Fathers’ worst fears have been realized.

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1 comment to Vel Nitrist – If You Lose In Court Sue The Judge

  • Ed_B

    Many people go to court seeking justice. But when they do not get justice, they start crying and whining about it. Courts do not dispense justice – they dispense the law. IF that agrees with your position, THEN it is justice. If it does not, then it is merely “law”. 😉

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