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Utter Failure

By Bob Rinear, The International Forecaster:

By now you’ve all heard about the active shooter event that went down at the Washington Navy Shipyard. In fact you’ve probably heard about it so much you’re sick of it already.

But I want to look at this from a different angle, because frankly I’m a bit bent out of shape over it.

We have been told by folks like Snowden and others, that the NSA collects our cell phone calls, monitors our emails, and pretty much has us photo’d, cataloged and stored in data clouds. This isn’t conspiracy nut stuff, this is documented. All the major cell phone carries and outfits like Google and Yahoo admit that Uncle Sam collects their data. The line of BS they shovel at us is that this helps keep us safer.

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1 comment to Utter Failure

  • Ed_B

    Please… show a single example anywhere where increasing gun control reduced crime. In every single case, it is the lack of guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens that leads to MORE crime and MORE deaths. These entire affairs at both Ft. Hood and the Washington Navy Yard prove beyond all doubt that what we have here is a clear dereliction of supervisory duty in the US armed forces and in the US Gov. All of our military people should be trained in the use of side arms and rifles and they should be armed with these or have immediate access to them every minute of every day of their service. Failing to do this is criminal beyond belief. People should refuse to work in situations where their 2nd Amendment rights are violated on such a routine and casual basis. Clearly, the current policies on this ARE NOT WORKING! So, do something else. Arm our men and women in our military and train them to shoot first and accurately when threatened. Failing to do so dishonors them and their service and costs us lives unnecessarily. This is a 1st class example of leadership incompetence in action. The rabid anti-gun agenda of the left is running face first into reality and it is looking really stupid now. Yet, they persist in this idiocy.

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