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Triple Lutz Report #302 – Phony Food Stamp Reforms On The Way


Looks like Jason Greenslate hit a nerve. Remember him, the surfer dude from La Jolla who was using his EBT card to buy lobster and sushi. Now the republicans in the house are so upset that they’re threatening to cut almost five percent off the food stamp budget. With bold moves like that, we may see a balanced budget by the turn of the next milennia. Who are they are trying to kid. The republicans stand for absolutely nothing. Limited government. Anarchy is looking better all the time.

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3 comments to Triple Lutz Report #302 – Phony Food Stamp Reforms On The Way

  • NaySayer

    Wal-mart gets 40% of it’s total sales from EBT Cards. Who do the politicians think they are kidding? If they cut off wal-mart’s ability to sell food to the poor without jobs or any hope of finding a job that isn’t part time, they won’t get any of those fat wal-mart campaign contributions.

    Big Agri-business and wal-mart are just two of the large corporations profiting off the inability of americans to find enough work to feed themselves. JPMorgan Chase would lose all the profit they get administering the digital credit-card like processes of ebt cards as well. Keeping americans down into poverty is the wave of the american future. If they piss off govt you can cut off their food supply.

  • andrew james

    Full tummies are the best way to avoid rebellion.

  • Pepe

    Voucher program sounds good on the surface but reality messes that up. Here’s how it works. Vouchers pay for school of your choice. To go to a private school, you need transportation to get there. Poor people are called “poor people” cause they have little or no money. Where does the money for the transportation come from? Car, bus? Private schools don’t provide free lunch for poor people. Where does the money for that added expense come from? Remember, poor=no money. So, the only people that benefit from the voucher program are people that can afford these added expenses, otherwise known as, “not” poor people. Now, when the private schools start making more money and need more and better teachers, where do you think they get them from? They pay the best of the best public school teachers higher pay to lure them away from the public schools, making the people the people who still go to public schools (poor people) suffer with even worse teachers.

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