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Too Poor To Prepare

from TruthNeverTold:

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6 comments to Too Poor To Prepare

  • Mike

    The greatest journey starts with a single step.

  • Troy

    I watch EVERY video that Chris makes….awesome as usual! And with that said, I was at Hy-Vee last night, and they are having a sale on canned corn, peas, green beans…only .38 cents each! Thats good preps. I typically only buy organic food, but at .38 cents each, those might be great barter food. I also have a ton of various rounds of ammo. I believe ammo would be/could be used almost like money in a shtf situation. I also have around 300 pounds of Wild rice…far more nourishing than white rice. Typically $6 per pound, I bought all mine on sale for $3 per pound. Wild rice last forever if kept dry.

  • NaySayer

    I still have some concerns about why, if people bought silver from his site and he took their money, he isn’t partially responsible for them not getting their money or silver from the Mulligan mint fiasco.

    If I buy a car from my local dealership but ford/chevy/chrysler doesn’t deliver then the local agency that I actually gave my money to should give me my money back.

  • You contradict your self you say to get rid of negative things in your life and then you say to delay paying off your debt. To tell someone to delay paying off your debt is wrong. Debt hangs over you and enslaves you and keeps on growing in interest. The collaps could still be a long way off and it is moral and self fufilling to pay your debts off as in you accomplish one of your goals .If you don’t and hope it gets cancelled it is like steeling.Please reconsider this advice.

  • Jonny English

    Stopped listening to Mr. Duane shortly after he started using Occult symbols in his presentations and especially the ‘triquetra’ as his site ‘logo’.

    When he got involved with selling Silver, after spending so long hyping everyone into a buying frenzy I became very suspicious of his real motives. When he then got into bed with some obviously very dubious individuals as business associates, my suspicions were confirmed.

    Someone who is as obviously intelligent and educated as Mr. Duane does not go down the path of the Occult, nor associate with ‘dubious’ individuals by accident.

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