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This Is Why Gold Will Soar To $2,500 & Silver Will Spike To $70

from KingWorldNews:

Everyone in the mainstream media is telling us that things are improving in Europe and in the US. They are living in Fantasyland. Governments and the media are feeding us with good news because this is what people want to hear.

But the news they are telling people is not the true picture of what is really taking place.

Egon von Greyerz continues @

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5 comments to This Is Why Gold Will Soar To $2,500 & Silver Will Spike To $70

  • Brian

    Quick! run out and buy Gold and Silver because your going to get Rich!

    In the meantime,come see me! I have the best prices in town!

  • Eric

    Ha! 2500? 70? going way higher than that. Or to put it more accurately….Purchasing power of the fiat dollar will drop like a bag of rocks.

    I don’t recall anyone ever saying anything about getting rich by running out and buying something quick. I’d be more concerned about the stupefied zombies all around you, the psychotics who vote for bills, the massive police state, the sellout of this nation, the draconian laws passed by sociopaths who think they are gods above you, and having enough food to feed yourself in a crisis. That mega pak (183) from is a pretty good deal especially if you use the discount code ‘Lutz’ from our friend Kerry. I ordered 2 for $532. That’s $1.45 per meal. Non GMO, 25 year shelf life. I can’t speak for the taste yet but not a bad thing to have around just in case.

  • Upstart


    I’ve got the best prices in town! Come and see me! lol.

    Seriously though, I am selling some of my very hard earned Silver – sadly at a 30% loss in order to but some more preps, food, and protection.

    I have reevaluated geopolitical developments leading to the coming collapse and felt a bit ‘unbalanced’ with regard to Silver verse food and equipment.

    A big wake up call to do something about it whilst there is still time has been Syrian situation – which is becoming a crisis that could lead to WW3.

    Anyway, rather than go over it again I’ve copied and pasted a coment from an earlier post:

    September 6, 2013 at 11:19 am· Reply

    There are too many much more important matters to consider and prepare for at this time than the ‘charts’. The Dollar/Pound/Euro price of Silver at this moment means little against the bigger issues we face.

    Please get some perspective. Silver and Gold are FOR WHAT COMES AFTER a collapse / war – rarely are they much use during (unless you consider a Gold necklace for a loaf of bread, or a Gold wedding ring for an egg fair value, as was the case during WW2 to list just 2 examples).

    No, you need to get to the ‘after’ bit before Gold and Silver revert to fair value. Therefore Silver and Gold alone wont ensure you make it to the ‘after’. If you think they will then you will have a rude awakening – I assure you.

    A secure place to live, food, water, essential supplies, and a means of protection should be prioritised way above stacking pieces of metal.

    As stated, Silver will help on the otherside of the econonomic collapse and / or war, but there is likely to be a painful and potentially long transition between ‘here’ and ‘there’. That is the bridge that first must be crossed.

    If watching charts does it for you, and if seeing Silver go up a few cents gives you a nice warm fuzzy feeling, then good luck to you – you are missing the bigger point – and are also likely assuming the system we have today will resemble the new one we have tomorrow.

    It should be clear that I am not saying dont buy and stack Silver, but just in case, I will summarise again – I am saying keep perspective.

    It may even be prudent to assume that the collapse / coming war will be much worse and longer lived than most of us have anticipated and that it may be our children, or even grandchildren that get to ‘spend’ our stacks.

    Dark days are ahead and many other commodities will preseve wealth (or even ensure life itself) far better than a fist full of metal coins.

  • jon

    Quick, trade any real assets for federal reserve notes which have a long proven history of purchasing power sustainability! Your grandkids will be so glad you saved all those debt notes for them!

  • Troy

    Heres the real deal story. Buy a house in the country, pay it off. THEN, buy minimum one years worth food stock, along with lots of ammo for the guns you should have bought 20 yeras ago…then buy all prep supplies, organic seeds big time…. have gas and propane at all times..and generator’s….THEN buy silver. I would never buy gold. You cannot buy much with gold…why…because during a SHTF, how could you buy eggs with gold, how could you buy a chicken with gold??? how could anyone trust it is actually gold? Do not buy gold, buy silver and copper ONLY!!! I will repeat that… BUY SILVER and COPPER, DO NOT BUY GOLD!!!

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