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The Truthseeker: World War 3, Greater Israel & Real Axis of Evil

from Russia Today:

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5 comments to The Truthseeker: World War 3, Greater Israel & Real Axis of Evil

  • Rainmaker

    Edward Bernays would be proud.

  • Jacobson

    Who is this to say Israel got no water ?
    Israel is sending water every year to Jordan .
    Israel has 3 main water sources and hundreds of wells plus the best water desalination systems .
    Don’t forget that until 60 years ago , most of Israel was wetlands – do you really think wetlands of hundreds or thousands of years disappeared just like that ?

    Lebanon are changing the route of some of the rivers who come to Israel – AGAINST the international law ofcourse .

    It’s also intersting how they show “a larger Israel” on the map – it’s the biblical borders of the kingdom of David .
    Why did they choose this map ? according to what ? are they trying to attack the jewish faith and the bible ?

    • Jonny English


      When you finish school you can go and learn some real history, real geography, and real geopolitics. State education in Israel, the US, and the UK can hardly be described as being the ‘best’, so dont beat yourself up for falling for the nationalist BS we are all indocrinated with.

      For such a young child you are very bright, and with a passion for your country. Therefore with guidance, you should have no real issues with going on to lean the real history of your nation – created in 1947 by the British.

      Please dont give me any crap about the original promise in the Torah and the Bible – the actions of King Solomon saw that promise revoked by God himself. It is clearly writen in the Holy books for all to read, yet something rarely if ever taught in US and UK schools.

      You should be aware that the zionist warmongrs who run Israel, much of the US, and the UK too, will unleash the sampson option before they give up thier project to dominate the globe.

      • Jacobson

        Israel was created by the british ?
        Before Israel got indenpendence , there were underground organizations who worked to kick the british out .
        One of them , was Eliyahu Beit-Zuri who assassinated the BRITISH MINISTER – Lord Moyne.
        This is what he said before he was executed :
        We do not recognize England’s right to give us Palestine or take it away from us. Let me make clear to the court: My ideas are not Zionist ideas. We don’t fight to uphold the Balfour Declaration. We don’t fight for the sake of the National Home. We fight for our freedom. In our country a foreign power rules.”[3] and “Millions sank in the sea of blood and tears, but the British skipper did not lift them to the ship. And if a few of the survivors held on to the bow of the ship, he, the British skipper, pushed them back into the sea. And we in our home-land had no choice but to surrender or fight. We decided to fight.[4]

  • Jacobson

    BTW ,
    I finished school , my military service in the IDF and got my diploma from the university .

    My nation is one of most ancient civilization in the world ,
    We sat on these land before you americans decided to kick the natives out and enslave the blacks .

    You are the modern romans , its you people who think they can run the world .
    And we (jews) fought the romans against all odds and destroyed two roman legions .
    Romans are gone and we still here ,
    after or if u.s is gone , we will still be here .

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